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25 September 2015

Kia ora e te Whanau o Whetukairangi

Continuous improvement means continuous change. Lately I have been growing my understanding of the concept of Kaizen change.

Kaizen change was introduced to Japan after WWII when they needed to rebuild...... slowly bit by bit..... eventually becoming one of the most powerful economies in the world less than 10 years later.
  • Kai - gradual and orderly change 
  • Zen - for the better 
The concept of Kaizen is useful for goal setting as some of our senior children have discovered. You can find out more about this on their blog:

I was thrilled to see an educator all the way from Missouri commenting so positively about this on the blog! Tino pai rawa!

We can use the concept of Kaizen change for individual goal setting and also for more school-wide change. You will see a good example of this when you attend the next Data Meeting in Weeks 6 and 7 of the term. We felt that two of our three key principles were not well reflected in the written report itself - these being The Whole Child and Collaboration. The written reports now have a comment box focussing on the whole child up front, number 1, the prime spot! The other incremental change is the goal setting piece at the end of the report. If it's all about collaboration then the child and yourselves need to have a bigger role in this goal setting. This time around the child's voice will be better represented and your thoughts in collaboration with the teacher's thoughts around next steps will be handwritten onto the report at the actual meeting.

Looking ahead to 2016 you can expect further Kaizen change in this whole area of reporting......... the foot needs to be positioned securely on the accelerator, while being careful not to exceed the speed limit!

So, to our teachers and support staff, I wish you a great break and the space to recharge for what we all know will be a full and exciting Term 4! Thank you.

Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends. (Brian Tracy)

Nga mihi

PS. The All Blacks apparently are known for their 'Kaizen speak'....... well, let's see if it pays off!  Kia ora mai.


Our Principal’s Awards for this year focus on the overall theme of Connecting and Relating. The theme for this term is Manaakitanga.

Autahi and Tautoru: 
Lillian, James, Eloi, Ben, Joni, Marcie-Dia, Mitchell, Thomas and Eva.

Māhutonga and Matariki:  
Chester, Felix, Arabella, Anatole, Cody and Molly.

The Big Shakeout and Emergency Evacuation

The Big Shakeout and Emergency Evacuation is scheduled for: Thursday 15 October, 9.15 am and 2.30 pm

While we will take part in the earthquake drill at 9.15 am, this is a great opportunity to test our systems regarding emergency evacuation. This will be a bit of an unknown in reality..... phone lines will be clogged and email probably down BUT we can simulate the exercise as much as possible on this day.

So, what will happen on the 15 October 2015?
  • Parents will get a reminder email and text from the school office at two different times of the day leading up to the 2.30pm pick up.
    This will allow us to check these systems at our end and also for you to double check you haven't got a new mobile number or email address lately!
  • If you are unable to collect your child yourself, you will need to contact someone on your Emergency Contact List.
  • Children will remain in class spaces at 2.30 pm.
  • Staff will be at both school entrances with lists of children's names and nominated contacts who can pick the child/ren up. (If wet, we will let you know where.)
  • Parents or their nominated contacts will see a staff member who will check the list and provide them with a WBS stamped piece of paper with the child's name on it.
  • This piece of paper will be taken to a staff member who is with the children in the class space and only then will the child be ticked off and able to leave.
  • We will keep ECAT (After School Care) children here but please ensure you have returned your emergency contacts. 
As in the case of a 'real' emergency, please do not telephone or email the school. The staff will be too stretched. Just know that your child/ren will be looked after until you or a nominated contact can get to the school.

If a child is not collected by yourselves or a nominated emergency contact at 2.30pm, we will record this and follow up with you.  As we are not sure how the system will work in reality, you may want to arrive from 2.15 pm so there isn't such a queue!


photo (62).JPG

Class pictures from around the world
We have added to a presentation, that you can see on our blog called, "Class pictures from around the world". We are enjoying collaborating with other schools from across the globe. Click on the link to see the awesome presentation!

Grandparent Day

Thank you to everyone who came along to our Grandparent Day today. We sang some songs, read some poems and served some kai. Students shared their work with their grandparents and family. See our performance on our blog...

We have also completed our Koru artworks. Check out the finished results on our blog.


Maths Problem Solving
We have been practising using different materials and different strategies for different problems. We have found out that with problems like 9 + 5, it is easy to use the tidy ten strategy and change the problem to 10 + 4. With problems like 6 + 7 we have found if we know our doubles it’s easy to solve these problems. 6 + 6 = 12, so 6 + 7 is just 1 more, which is 13! And we have also been working on splitting up bigger 2 digit numbers and adding the tens and ones separately. So, for 23 + 46, we know 2 tens plus 4 tens is 6 tens and 3 ones plus 6 ones is 9 ones, so our answer is 6 tens and 9 ones = 69!


Singular and Plural

We are learning about singular and plural nouns this week. Singular is one thing and plural is more than one. For example, toys is plural and pencil is singular. Most plural words end in an s.


Exploring Clay

This week we have been creating lots of art in the afternoons. We started by exploring the clay, how it feels and how we can make patterns in it. We enjoyed working together and talking about our creations.

Clay is Fun

Watch our video to see more of what we did with clay. Tell us about a time when you made something with clay. What did you make? Do you still have it?

On Wednesday we had a great day imagining what we would be like if we were superheroes. We imagined what sort of powers we would have, what we would wear and how we would act.

During maths time we made a graph showing who our favourite superheroes are. Who is your favourite superhero? 

  • Big Shake Out!! - Thursday 15 October.
    Emergency Contact Form is at end of Newsletter. If you haven't filled this in, please do so and email to cbrett@worserbay.school.nz
  • Term 4 Netball Fees of $25.00 for Years 1, 2 & 3 are now due.
  • Voluntary Contribution 2015 now due.
    (Payment via Wrap It Up please for Netball and Voluntary Contribution.) 
  • Sausages Tuesdays and Sushi Lunches Fridaysyou can order online for the whole term at Wrap It Up
  • Take a look at our Blogs!  www.worserbay.school.nz/blogs

DONATIONS – Having a clean out?
If you are having a clean out over the holidays, remember to bring all your treasures to school in the new term for the school fair.

When and where:
Days:       Wednesdays and Fridays
Times:      8.40 - 9.00am & 2.45 - 3.15pm
Location:  The Shed, behind the Junior Block.

Sunday Drop-offs and Sorting:  18 October 10-12pm and 1 November 10-12pm. 

Ball run tickets went home yesterday. Please sell these over the holidays, pay via Wrap It Up and return the sold ticket stubs to the blue box in the office. 

Keep up to date on what is happening with our Fair:

Community Notices

Seatoun Arts & Crafts celebrates its Annual Exhibition and Sale (16-18 October) at the Village Hall, Forres Street, Seatoun with the official opening on Friday,16 October at 7.00pm.

Worser Bay Life Saving Club has its 2015 Registration Day at 1pm on Sunday,18 October at 251 Marine Parade, Seatoun.
New members are welcome to join us for a free barbeque, view our club rooms and equipment, learn about our surf sport and life saving activities, and meet up with friends. Free IRB rides.

For more information, please email Jenny Everett-Wells at wblscwellington@gmail.com or visit worserbaylsc.org.nz

House Wanted for short visit to Wellington for a family of five visiting Wellington from Italy over December. They are in Wellington from Sunday night, 20 December to Wednesday, 23 December. If anyone is going away and would like to rent out their house for these three days, Rachel would love to hear from you!  

Rachel McGrath (a Tautoru Mum)
Tel: 977 4540 or 021 100 8285

Eastern Bays Scout Group
The Eastern Bays Scout Group is based in Worser Bay. We have:
  • Keas on Thursday nights (6–8 year olds) 
  • Cubs on Monday and Wednesday nights (8–10.5 year olds) 
  • Scouts (Land) on Tuesday nights (10.5–14.5 year olds) 
  • Scouts (Sea) on Thursday nights (10.5–14.5 year olds) 
All sections are open to boys and girls.
New members welcome in all sections.
Additional leaders are also always welcome.

If you would like to know more, please email ebscouts@gmail.com or contact the Group Leader, Morris van Voornveld, Ph 027 495 8289.

Carolyn Brett,
24 Sep 2015, 18:00