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5 February 2016

Kia ora e te Whanau o Whetukairangi

"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; but directly involve me, and I'll make it my own." Confucius

We aim to provide you with as many opportunities for direct involvement in your child's learning as possible in 2016!

The Welcome Back Family Picnic was a stunner. The weather was divine and what a great way for our new families to get to mix and mingle and also for our 'oldies' to reconnect! Something I always notice and am really proud of at this event, is the way in which our alumni, our 'almost teenagers' support the younger children, help out with the games, chat with teachers and contribute so actively in true WBS style.

Next week we have two Parent Workshops - Tuesday 9 February 6.30-7.45 pm for parents of senior children (Years 4-6) and Thursday 11 February 6.30-7.45 pm for parents of junior children (Years 1-3). You may wonder about the title 'workshop' as it's a little more active than a word like 'talk' or 'presentation'! That's intentional!

Teachers want this direct involvement, they want to plan with you, they need your ideas and support in providing a rich and varied curriculum! If you can come earlier at around 6.00 you will have a chance to catch up around our property project (please see separate item).

The research literature suggests that successful home-school partnerships display many of the following features:
  • Relationships in successful home-school partnerships are collaborative and mutually respectful.
  • Successful partnerships are multi-dimensional, and responsive to community needs.
  • Successful home-school partnerships are planned for; embedded within whole school development plans; well resourced and regularly reviewed.
  • Successful partnerships are goal oriented and focused on learning.
  • There is timely two-way communication between school and parents in successful partnerships.

Starting 15 February until 26 February we have Goal Setting meetings for children/parents and teachers to check in all together - How has the year started?, What's up?, What are we focussing on and why?
Please book in with your child's teacher online asap:

Go to: http://www.schoolinterviews.co.nz/
Enter the Worser Bay School Code CDT74.

We look forward to connecting in a multitude of ways over the next few weeks. Here's to 2016!

Our Principal’s Awards are currently focusing on 'Thinking' and 'Lots of Great Ideas'!

Autahi and Tautoru:  Greta, Jasmine, Ridley, Caleb, Eddie B.

Māhutonga and Matariki:  Alexander, Danielle, Chester, Arabella, Kaia, Ben Bl.

our new teachers, Shona and Gabrielle, and our new children, Charlotte and Benjamin, Raiha and Haare, Charlotte (CJ), Hanna, Konrad, Sophie, Talia and Wolfgang whose families are new to Worser Bay School, and to Eddie and Will whose families are already part of the school community.

A very warm welcome to the 2016 school year to all students, families, Jude and the team. A particularly warm welcome to those of you who are joining the Worser Bay School community - it’s great to have you on board and we think you, too, will come to love our very special school. 

With Board elections scheduled for June, now’s a great time to sound us out if you are interested in making a contribution to the Board.

As the Voluntary Contributions information on the school’s website explains (see - http://www.worserbay.school.nz/info/voluntary-contributions), we enjoy an active school community and depend heavily on the families and whanau who contribute to the school in many different ways. In order to maintain a high quality educational environment for your child(ren), the Board has decided to increase Voluntary Contributions for the first time in 2 years, by $10 to $285 per student if paid in Term 1 (by 15th April) or $335 per student if paid after Term 1.

As you’ll see from the Newsletter there are a number of ‘back-to-school’ activities planned for the coming weeks, and we’re looking forward to meeting new parents and catching up with old friends in the weeks ahead. Check out the newsletter and make sure you mark your diary for the Parent Workshops, Goal Setting Meetings, Powhiri and Ceilidh – which are all happening in the next five weeks!  We have already had our Picnic and what a beautiful evening!

It’s going to be a block-busting start to a terrific year!

The Board

Next week you are welcome to come along to the parent workshops a little earlier (from 6pm onwards) if you would like to see what is proposed for the School Property Guide (SPG) funding.

As background, Worser Bay School have been allocated SPG funding by the Ministry of Education to provide 84m2 of non-classroom space.

After a successful meeting with the community last year, and discussions with staff and the Board, we now have some plans for the proposed space, which we are keen to share with you. We are very grateful to Travis Gray and Jeremy Perrott (two parents and architects) who have provided their skill and expertise.

Coming up!
Saturday 5 March 2016
Miramar Bowling Club, 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start.  
Dust off your sporran, find some tartan, and bring your friends!!

Sultana Poems and Stories
We have been eating Sultanas! Delicious Sultanas, or not?

Delicious Sultanas?
Or not………
We all took a sultana each from the bowl and put it in our mouths, trying to really experience it, in every way. How can we be in the moment when we experience something? How can we fully appreciate the here and now?

And, how can we be conscious of what we are tasting, seeing, hearing and feeling?

We used all of our powers of observation to think about and describe the simple act of eating a sultana. Read some of the stories and poems on the blog.

We Are Collaborators
We have been thinking about the attributes of effective learners when we work in groups. Is this group doing all of the things you would expect to see when people are cooperating, using all their strengths and helping each other with learning?

What can the students see this group doing? Read more…… on our blog.


Noticing and appreciating things of beauty and What am I grateful for?
We are having a big focus on character strengths this year. We are focusing on the character strength of noticing and appreciating things of beauty and things we are grateful for. See our blog posts to find out what we have been up to…

Please come in and add to our "Wow Wall" to display things that we find beautiful...

Starting the morning with a burst of energy and enthusiasm!
We are starting every morning outside with our base groups with some fun games and activities. It has been great to see everyone participating, encouraging each other, and returning to class with a boost of energy!

photo 1.JPG

Do you have any questions for our Parent Workshop?

Next Thursday (11th February) we are having a Parent Workshop at 6.30- 7.45pm. If you have any questions about our programme, please either pop your question in the "Question Box" at school or write a question here on GOOGLE DOC: Question box.

Google Accounts for Year 3 Students
Google Accounts have been successfully set up for students in the seniors. Setting up Google Accounts for Year 3 children will assist with the transition from the juniors to the seniors.

A major focus that underlies everything is digital citizenship. Students have taken home the WBS Acceptable Use of Technologies, developed by them and their teachers. They will have discussed it with you and it has been signed and returned to school. Safety is paramount and we take this very seriously.

Here is a link to the agreement:

Acceptable Use of Technologies Agreement
Year 3 children, who have signed our Acceptable Use of Technologies Agreement, will be set up with Google Accounts during Term 1.

We are excited about the opportunities that will prepare our children for a future that will be very different to our own.

Please speak with Nicola, Shona, Scott or Chrissy if you have any questions.

We are getting to know each other by surveying our base group about things they like. Have a look at the Blog, and also come and have a look at our work next week.

     IMG_0004.JPG   IMG_0009.JPG

  • Book your Goal Setting meeting now.  See Jude's message.
  • Parent Workshops
    Tuesday 9 February 6.30-7.45 pm for parents of senior children (Years 4-6) and
    Thursday 11 February 6.30-7.45 pm for parents of junior children (Years 1-3).
    Come early to view the Property Update plans. 
  • Powhiri
    Friday 26 February 9.10 am
    his is where we formally welcome all new families and staff to the school. Further details to come.
  • Pay your $7.00 for Seesaw.  See below.
  • Please read and take note of an Important letter from Stephanie Hayes' parents. See below.
  • Scottish Ceilidh Dance with Live Band, Schiehallian.
    Saturday 5 March 2016, Miramar Bowling Club, 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start.
  • Sausage Sizzle Tuesdays (starting 9th Feb) and Sushi Lunches Fridays (starting 12th Feb) -
    you can order online for the whole term at
    Wrap It Up. 
  • Take a look at our Blogs! www.worserbay.school.nz/blog

      All payments via Wrap It Up please.


      Dear Worser Bay Parents / Caregivers

      Thank-you for taking the time to read this letter. Some of you will be aware that our daughter,
      Stephanie, is currently receiving treatment for leukaemia (a form of blood cancer).

      Throughout her treatment Stephanie has a lower than normal level of immunity. This makes her more
      susceptible than others to illness. In particular, chickenpox, measles and the flu can have serious
      implications.  Please contact the school without delay if your child comes into contact with or develops
      chickenpox, measles or the flu. The school needs to inform us straight away so we can take
      appropriate action to protect Stephanie.  By taking this action Stephanie has a better chance of staying
      well and she will be able to attend school as much as possible.

      This year Stephanie is in Year 4 and she is in Gabrielle’s base group. Because many children at
      Worser Bay School have older and/or younger siblings, and illnesses can quickly and easily spread
      from one person to another, this information and request is relevant to all Worser Bay families.

      Please feel free to contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.

      Thank you for your continued support.
      Cath Peebles and David Hayes

      Last year we trialled Seesaw. Seesaw gives your child a place to document their learning, be creative and also learn how to use the technology. When there are updates, you are notified. All student content is private, safe and secure.

      Feedback from the trial was a huge win win for all! The parents loved it and felt really present, up to date with the learning and had specific things to talk about at home, always a bonus!

      This year, Seesaw will be used in place of your child’s 'Learning Journal'.

      Teachers will discuss further details at the Parent Workshops next week.

      Payment is $7.00.  Please pay online at www.wrapitup.co.nz..

      Sausage Sizzle Tuesdays and Sushi Lunches Fridays
      Please note both the Sausage Sizzle Lunch on Tuesday and
      Sushi on Friday begin next week.  You can order on WrapItUp.

      Term Dates for 2016
      Term 1 - Tuesday 2 February to Friday 15 April
      Term 2 - Monday 2 May to Friday 8 July
      Term 3 - Monday 25 July to Friday 23 September
      Term 4 - Monday 10 October to Friday 16 December 

      Additional Holidays in 2016
      Waitangi Day - Monday 8 February
      Easter - Good Friday, Easter Monday and Tuesday (25-29 March)
      Anzac Day - Monday 25 April (in school holidays)
      Queen's Birthday - Friday 3 June and Monday 6 June
      Labour Day - Monday 24 October


      Welcome to 2016!

      We have had a great start to the year, and are excited for what lies ahead. We have started with the sorts of things we need to be doing in our room in order to have a positive and happy year.

      Water Challenge

      With all this hot weather we thought we would have a water challenge. We are seeing how many cups of water we drink each day. Some days it is a lot!

      Fundraiser for Worser Bay School

      Stuck for present ideas for a lover of the great outdoors who has a birthday coming up? 

      Buy a copy of New Zealand's Backcountry Cooking: Great recipes for trampers, campers and the outdoors by Paul and Rebecca Garland. Potton & Burton will contribute $7.20 to our school.

      This fantastic cookbook hot off the press, is co-written by local parent Rebecca Garland.

      Order now to receive the discounted price of $35.99 (RRP $39.99) and free delivery within New Zealand.

      To contribute to this fundraiser, order your copy of New Zealand's Backcountry Cooking online at http://www.pottonandburton.co.nz/store/new-zealand-backcountry-cooking
      and enter the discount coupon WBS15 at the shopping cart. 

      Check out the display book in the office.

      Any queries, contact Autahi parent Kyla on 920 6622 or 021 208 2750.

      * Offer expires at the end of April 2016.