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Week 3 - 12 August 2016

Kia ora e te Whanau o Whetukairangi

Adagio, Crescendo, Allegro, Ritardando........ it's all happening. The hills really are alive with the sound of music! Thanks so much for the parents who have popped their hands up to help out and thanks in advance for all of you who we are counting on to work with us on the 2 evenings. If you were in assembly on Friday, you would've heard me say, "Well, we have never done this before, but we are hoping it all pans out!" We really are modelling risk taking!

In our 2016 planning session, we identified the desire to increase the focus on further developing our music curriculum:

- Music – Sound arts

Sound from natural, acoustic, and digital environments is the source material for expressive ideas in music. These ideas are manipulated and extended into forms, genres, and styles that are recognised as music. Music is a fundamental form of expression, both personal and cultural. Value is placed upon the musical heritages of New Zealand’s diverse cultures, including traditional and contemporary Māori musical arts. By making, sharing, and responding to music, students contribute to the cultural life of their schools, whānau, peer groups, and communities. As they engage with and develop knowledge and deeper understandings of music, they draw on cultural practices and on histories, theories, structures, technologies, and personal experiences.

In music education, students work individually and collaboratively to explore the potential of sounds and technologies for creating, interpreting, and representing music ideas. As they think about and explore innovative sound and media, students have rich opportunities to further their own creative potential.

Students develop literacies in music as they listen and respond, sing, play instruments, create and improvise, read symbols and notations, record sound and music works, and analyse and appreciate music. This enables them to develop aural and theoretical skills and to value and understand the expressive qualities of music.

As students learn to communicate musically with increasing sophistication, they lay a foundation for lifelong enjoyment of and participation in music. Some will go on to take courses in musicology, performance, or composition. These may be steps on the way to music-related employment. - (NZ Curriculum)

Although this is a little wordy, it's important to recognise just how all encompassing and wide ranging the possibilities are. With the percussion work with Andreas Lepper leading up to the Festival, we are excited about how our plans are being realised and are keen to see where we may head in 2017. For some time, we have been talking about creating permanent 'musical fixtures' in our playground space as it lends itself really nicely to this. If you have low budget ideas and are keen to discuss this further, please see either John or Scott. We are keen to move from the talking to the action, what with Summer coming?!

This article in the NY Times describes the link between serious music training and success, not necessarily what you may find at our upcoming festival per se, but you may still find it interesting:


Nga mihi

Our Principal’s Awards are currently focusing on the following:

I am a goal setter... (self management)
  • I can reflect on my learning
  • I can share and discuss my achievements
  • I can plan my next learning steps

Autahi and Tautoru
Ethan, Lucy, Adam, Kirsty, Lily S and Molly.

Matariki and Mahutonga
Ben Bo, Hugo W, Orla, Josie, Emma M and Lucie.

Letter from the Public Health Nurse

Please read the Letter from Public Health Nurse regarding Sore Throats and Rheumatic Fever.

Letter from Stephanie Hayes' Parents

Please read the Letter from Stephanie Hayes' Parents about Stephanie's suppressed immunity.

We've gone live with our fab new blog site www.plasticfreepeninsula.wordpress.com. Check the site for our latest news and events and please sign the pledge for Miramar Peninsula to be plastic free. In early September, all WBS students will have a chance to sew their own reusable tote bag at school with the support of Sew Love.


Have a look at some of the ways we’ve been exploring numbers and maths this week.

Music and Movement!
We’ve been exploring music and what emotions it evokes. We have also been visualising what animals match the music and we put our visualisations to movement. We listened to music and moved in the style of the animals we visualised.

Up to the Moon
Take a look at our beautiful collages. We are very proud of them.


A Note from Nicola (Singapore Cultural Connections Trip)

The trip has been an amazing experience. I have learnt so much and have experienced so many wonderful things. I feel grateful that I am able to part of this trip through the Asia New Zealand Foundation. 

We have been to many of the best sightseeing spots and experienced a range of different cultures. 

I have been strengthening connections with my buddy teacher and planning ways for our students to collaborate. We have a lot to learn from each other and are very excited to be working together. 

This photo was taken at Bukit Timah School on their National Day. They have been celebrating their 51st birthday. I was fortunate enough to join in with the festivities at school. 

We had a briefing at the High Commission. 

As well as visiting a local school, we were shown around Stamford American School. It was interesting to see the contrasts between an international school and the local schools. 

The next few days will be spent with our buddy teachers in schools. Friday evening and Saturday will be a conference for the New Zealand and Singapore teachers. Follow my feed on Twitter #sgedtr16

I have also added a few movies to the blog post…

Students at the school have answered some of our questions. Read one of the BT Slide Shows here and answer questions on the padlet. You can add more questions if you like...

Peace is... 
As part of Peace Week, Scott’s literacy group have been writing poems about what peace means to them. We have connected with a school in Pakistan to exchange letters, poems and artwork around peace.

Peace is …
Peace makes me sleepy and want to go to bed.
Peace is hanging out with my family and friends.
Peace is sunny and quiet.
Peace is a Saturday morning breakfast.
By Griffin


How do instruments make sounds?

As part of the lead up to our Music Festival, we’ve been exploring how different musical instruments make sounds, looking at how the pitch is varied and how the instrument amplifies sound.

Making Music
We have been having a lot of fun composing and exploring music. Take a listen to some of our creations.

Poetry Writing!
We have been writing poems: about storms, about what happens when we are sleeping, about what the city does in the middle of the night and we have been writing poems for Peace Week. We have been writing some crazy songs too but we will share some of those later.

We used a William Blake poem about caring for each other and caring for our World as a model.

Long Live

Long live our unextinguished zest
Long live our forever love
Long live our love for animals
Long live the scarce green....

Read more on our blog.


  • Fair Storage Space required urgently - please contact Jim at captainwmtoad@me.com
  • Fair Donations required now - Sugar, FULL bottles for the Tombola, clean label-free jars, paper bags and succulent clippings.
  • Regional Sports Tournament - Tuesday 16 August (only those children who have brought home a notice)
  • Year 6 EBIS Experience - Thursday 18 August (see below). No charge, but permission is needed via Wrap it Up.
  • Assembly - Friday 19 August
  • Lost Property Clearance - Friday 19 August (Please ensure clothing, lunch boxes and drink bottles are named.)
  • WBS Music FestivalTuesday 23 August (for surnames A - K) and Wednesday 24 August (for surnames L - Z).
  • Eastern Zones Swimming - Friday 26 August (only those children who have brought home a notice)
  • Orange Day Parade (Year 5 & 6 Road Patrollers Only) - Friday 26 August - No charge, but permission is needed via Wrap it Up.
  • Pizza Lunch - Wednesday 31 August
  • Stall Holders Meeting and Fair Update Meeting  - Wednesday 31 August, 7.30pm in the staffroom
  • Mahutonga/Matariki Only - Busking at Courtenay Place - Friday 2 September
  • NZEI Union Meeting - Tuesday 6 September from 1pm. We will be keeping the school open with limited staff. If you are able, please collect your child at 1pm. (See below.)
  • School Photo Days - Wednesday 7 September and Thursday 8 September
  • Please diary: Chocolate Fish Cafe, Shelly Bay - Friday 18 November, 5pm- 6.30pm - Post Fair "Thank You from the Board".

  • The following payments are now due:
    • Voluntary Contribution - $335.00 (Full year)
    • Voluntary Contribution by Instalment - 3rd instalment is now due - $83.75 per term
      (or $71.25 if you initiated the payments in Term 1)
    • Miniball and Netball (outstanding payments from Term 2)
    • Miniball Term 3 - $35.00
    • EZ Swimming - $1.20 (only those children who have brought home a notice)
    • Regional Sports Tournament - $2.50 (only those children who have brought home a notice)

    All payments via Wrap It Up please.

    Worser Bay Music Festival - 23 and 24 August

    This year we are doing something a little different. As it’s the first time we have attempted an event like this we really need your help!

    How it’s going to work: 
    Everyone will gather in the driveway and then be led into the courtyard by the students in Autahi. From there, you will start with your child’s base group (or if more than one child, choose one of their base groups). Every 5 minutes there will be a bell and you will transition to the next group - like a rotation. You will receive a map as some items will be outside. You will have 5 minutes to get to the next musical item on your musical menu. 

    As you can imagine, we can’t gauge space and how this may all pan out. (What was that about taking risks - eek?!) 

    So, what we are requesting is that our parent community selects 1 of the 2 evenings to attend. We are hoping that you will be able to accommodate the evenings based on your children’s surnames. 

    When:    Tuesday 23 August (for surnames A - K)
                  Wednesday 24 August (for surnames L - Z)

    Time:      5.45pm - 7pm (All students will be required to arrive at school between 5.10 - 5.20pm at the latest.)

    Cost:      Gold coin koha

    Be sure to mark the above dates on your calendar, as this festival of music is going to be a cracker!

    A bit more detail:
    The students are currently working in base groups developing musical ideas and working towards creating a performance for the 2 nights, 23rd and 24th August.

    The festival will start at 5.45 pm sharp. Autahi will start the event with a parade from Autahi to the courtyard which will also enable Autahi students to head home early if need be. 

    The audience will be separated into seven groups and start the evening at one of the base group performance spaces. Each performance will last approximately 5 minutes and at the end of each piece the audience will stay together and rotate around the remaining base group spaces.

    Students will be required to stay at school for the entire time as they will be performing seven times each night (except for Autahi).

    Please be aware of the following:
    Parking on these nights will be at a premium. Please ensure that you are prepared for this and that we are respectful of our neighbours.

    We are hoping the weather will continue to be kind, but just in case bring something warm to wear, a torch to light your way and raincoats. There are two groups that will be performing outdoors.

    All students will be required to be at school by 5.20pm at the latest on the night of the festival and can be picked up from their respective classrooms and signed out. Please ensure that your child has had something to eat before arriving at school.

    We will require help from the parent community with a number of jobs, such as setting and cleaning up spaces, helping students getting ready, costume and instrument making and more, so if you are able to lend a hand, please add your name to the posters in each area or see/email your base group teacher. Your assistance at these events is very much required and appreciated.

    We look forward to seeing you all there. 

    NZEI Teachers' Union Meeting - Tuesday 6 September

    On Tuesday 6 September from 1pm, there is a NZEI Union Meeting. We will be keeping the school open with limited staff. If you are able, please collect your child at 1pm. 

    If you are NOT able to collect your child at 1pm on Tuesday 6 September, please email your child's base group teacher.

    2017 Enrolments

    If you have friends or neighbours with children living in zone for Worser Bay School who are interested in coming next year, we would love to hear from them sooner rather than later. Please spread the word and ask them to contact us if they are interested. Thanks heaps.

    Year 6 Only

    Evans Bay Intermediate School 
    Year 6 EBIS Experience
    Our Year 6s will be visiting EBIS on 
    Thursday 18 August. They will be picked up by bus at 9am. There is no charge for this, however, we will need permission for them to travel by bus to and from EBIS. Please go to Wrap It Up and tick the permission box.

    Pizza Lunch - Wednesday 31 August

    On Wednesday 31st August, small individual pizzas will be available for lunch.

    All pizzas have a tomato sauce base and you can choose from three types of topping:
    • Cheese
    • Cheese and Ham
    • Cheese and Salami
    Pizzas cost $5 each. Please order via Wrap It Up. Orders must be in by 9am on Tuesday 30th August - no later.

    The pizzas will be handed out by area (Autahi, Tautoru and Mahutonga/Matariki), therefore it is important that you order under each child's name separately (if you are ordering for two or more children).

    Our Fabulous Treasure Island Fair is coming up soon

    WBS Treasure Island Fair: Sunday 13th November, 11am-2pm

    Reminder: 31 August - Stall Holders Meeting and Fair Update Meeting, 7.30pm in the Staffroom.

    Key people organising the Fair include:

    Fair Volunteer Form
    We will be sending out our Fair Volunteer Form next week. The form will be a bit different to previous years - it will be an electronic form that can be completed online. This is a change that should make data collation much easier for the hardworking Fair Volunteers. Filling out the form is an opportunity for you to tell us how you can help with WBS Treasure Island Fair 2016. Keep an eye out for the ParentNet email with a link to the Volunteer Form.

    Tombola Bottle Donations Countdown Starts Now!

    Trish Smith is the leading the Tombola Stall for 2016. Help her collect 100 bottles for the Fair's Bottle Tombola.

    Please donate FULL unused bottles of anything – jars of lollies, creams, shampoo, sauces, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Some donations in the past included champagne, shampoo, perfume, chilli sauce, big bottles of fancy beer, olive oils…

    Please drop your donations up to school and pop them into the box outside the office.

    Donations and White Elephant 2016
    We will start collecting donations from families in late August. We will be collecting: books, clothes and toys. We will let you know where and when shortly. 

    Donations for White Elephant stall goodies will be taken only on the weekend of the Fair. White Elephant donations include crockery, sports gear, household appliances and other bric a brac.

    Plant Stall Request
    Do you have any gorgeous succulents you can take cuttings from? The Plant Stall would love to propagate them for our School Fair. Drop off to Kyla before or after school at Tautoru or contact her on 021 208 2750. 

    Deli Stall Donations
    We would be grateful for any donations of sugar and clean jars (without labels). Please drop off at the office.

    Running of the Balls
    This is an iconic and successful Worser Bay School Fair event, that usually closes the Fair, attracts lots of attention, and makes great money for the school. Using the geography of the site, 1,000 numbered balls are released down a slope on to bottom court. The first three numbered balls across the line win three amazing prizes. In previous years, prizes have included first class accommodation, tablets and travel. This year, we are on the look out for some more fantastic prizes. So, how can you help……..?

    Are you a Westpac customer? You could redeem your hotpoints for some Noel Leeming Vouchers. These vouchers could go a long way in assisting with the purchase of a tablet (which makes a great prize).

    Do you have contacts in the areas of Accommodation, Travel or Tourism?

    We would love to hear from you, so please contact Stephanie Wilson at asewilson@clear.net.nz or 021 238 6673 if you are able to help with the above.

    Community Notices...

    Mega Garage Sale
    Saturday 10 September - 10am - 1pm
    Village Hall, 22 Forres Street, Seatoun.

    Missing Puffer Jacket
    Ollie has lost has black Kathmandu puffer jacket. It has his name inside. If you find it, please take it to the office. Thank you!

    Springboard & Platform Diving at Kilbirnie Pool
    Wellington Diving Club has a range of diving classes for kids aged 5 years and up. Why not try something new this year? Visit our website and come along for a free trial! We have many after-school sessions on most days and cater for kids of any level from beginners to competitive. We also run fun casual sessions on Sundays. For more information, please visit our website www.wellingtondiving.org.nz or call/text Barbara on 027 485 8888.

    Scots College Centenary
    Fri 26 – Sun 28 August 2016
    Join us to celebrate 100 years of Scots College at our centenary weekend next month. We have a huge range of events planned, including the ‘Ladies Long Lunch’ with celebrity chef Nadia Lim on Sunday 28 August.

    For more information, go to

    Storylines Free Family Day
    Saturday 27 August 2016, 10am-3pm, Michael Fowler Centre
    Over 50 Authors, Illustrators, Storytellers and Performers from all over New Zealand will enthral and entertain children and families at the nationwide Storylines Festival Family Days. So come along! Free entry for all. 
    Koha appreciated.
    For more information, go to www.storylines.org.nz

    Supporting Success in your School
    If you are a parent, staff member or member of the school community and draw down a new ASB home loan of $150,000 or more, ASB will donate to your chosen participating school $500. Visit www.asb.co.nz/schoolbanking for more information.

    Carolyn Brett,
    7 Aug 2016, 16:00
    Carolyn Brett,
    7 Aug 2016, 16:00