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Week 9 - 23 September 2016

Kia ora e te Whānau o Whetūkairangi

This is it - the final newsletter for Term 3.

Character Day
If you had a chance to be in school during the day yesterday, you will have been privy to the serenity of mixed groups..... when our older children really step up and support the younger ones. It's like a dose of magic every time we do it!

I loved seeing the variety of character strength based activities on offer. I also loved seeing the teachers have an opportunity to work in different ways and utilise their different character strengths. It was also wonderful to have the opportunity to have a group of parents with me in the staffroom interested in learning more too......... I could discuss it for hours..... really!

Check out more about Character Day: http://www.letitripple.org/

The Sleepover
What a huge success! I'm thrilled that quite a few of the children even managed their first night away from home. An enormous thanks to the teachers for going the extra mile (always!) and a great crew of overnight parents too. An aspect of the sleepover agenda is to reconnect our 3/4s again in preparation for the following year. Which leads me onto...... transition.

Transition Programme
This year our Transition Programme starts in the first week of Term 4. This is when children learn in their 2017 spaces for a period of time each week. This is a practice which is a little unusual in most schools but because we can...... we do..... and we really value the opportunity.

Children get a chance to mix with their 'new' classmates, who in many cases are also their 'old' classmates. Teachers get an opportunity to really get to know children as learners, not just by name. In fact, it's really just one new cohort for teachers to get their head around, unless you are a new teacher to the school and that requires more fortitude..... in the beginning anyway!

Each year the programme is designed for the children in the space. Gone are the days of turning to Term 1, Week 3 2007 and tweaking it to fit! These days it requires a lot of thought and is quite the creative process.

Based on our current knowledge, we will have a lot of children starting school for the first time, at 5, at the beginning of next year. This, combined with wanting to keep the Tautoru space stable right from the start of the year, the junior team will be working very closely together across Tautoru and Autahi.

All 2016 Autahi children will start 2017 in Tautoru - which will once again cater for Years 1-3 and we aim to keep the teacher:student ratio as low as we can. It's always a bit of a number juggling game. There will be four teachers in here, like this year.

Things are constantly on the move in Autahi with children starting daily - so this is the space that can have the sort of programme to accommodate constant 'Happy Birthday!' change. At this stage, we will start with one teacher and build up as the year goes on.

We will finalise who is teaching where as the term goes on - but when your child comes home the first Friday and chats transition, you will now have an inkling of what they are talking about! They are lucky - they have a long time to figure change out and feel like they belong in a new space. In fact, they are likely to have already worked in it even before transition!

So, holidays are upon us - I wonder what character strengths you may need to magnify over the next 2 weeks, this could be quite weather dependent! Remember, just keep focussed on the WWW - What Went Well!

Have a great break.

Ngā mihi

Our Principal’s Awards are currently focusing on the following:

I am a goal setter... (self management)
  • I can reflect on my learning
  • I can share and discuss my achievements
  • I can plan my next learning steps

Autahi and Tautoru
Leo, Sophie, Hunter R, Jasmine, Matthias and Ridley.

Matariki and Mahutonga
Nick, Mia, Liv, Stephanie and Rory.


Welcome to Fülöp and his family who are new to Worser Bay School.

We look forward to guiding your development and learning.

Farewell to Adam

Adam Hart has been a trainee teacher extraordinaire. He has coped with a myriad of challenges thrown his way with ease and aplomb! It's not often a trainee comes along with the skills, attitude and clearly love of the job that Adam has. It's a sad day for us...... and we hope he doesn't go far!

Au Revoir to Chrissy

We bid au revoir to Chrissy and know she will remain very much 'with us' in spirit. We know Chrissy and Mike will be savouring their sleep over the next couple of weeks and we look forward to meeting the little darling soon!

Lizard Garden/School Sign

This is a very special area and one that we all need to keep care of. Please reinforce this message with your children at pick up times - this is not a thoroughfare and people have spent a lot of effort in planting for lizards and developing the sign. We are proud of our school and the environment we are so lucky to have.

Over the Holidays

Please help us to look after the school over the holidays. If you see anything untoward, please leave a note in the mailbox or email office@worserbay.school.nz.

New Roof for Tautoru

On Monday 26 September scaffolding will be installed for a new roof for Tautoru. The work will take both weeks of the holidays to complete. As you know, you are welcome to come up to School over the holidays, but please be aware that the roofers will be on site, so if you could give them some space around the Tautoru area that would be appreciated.

Roof repair work will also be completed to Autahi, Māhutonga and Matariki.

Letter from Stephanie Hayes' Parents

Please read the Letter from Stephanie Hayes' Parents about Stephanie's suppressed immunity.

Turn your New World Little Garden into a big garden

As a long time supporter of The Enviroschools Foundation, Mother Earth has always been passionate about getting kids outdoors and into gardening.

This year, one lucky school will have the chance to create or develop a garden worth $5000.

The winning school’s garden will be installed by the Mother Earth Task Force, a special team of hard-working, enthusiastic builders and gardeners. The Task Force will work with the winning school to design and install a new garden or make your existing one bigger and better.

How to enter:
  • Purchase any Mother Earth product from New World between 12 September and 16 October. 
  • Photograph the New World receipt.
  • Email your photo of the receipt along with the name of the school and town and your contact details to littlegarden@motherearth.co.nz
  • Every school is eligible.

Whole School

Yesterday was Character Day!
We worked across the school to learn about different character strengths. Take a look at our blogs to see what we learnt.

Chrissy and Gillian's Base Groups

Nicola, Kath and John's Base Groups

Shona and Hamish's Base Groups

Scott and Gabrielle's Base Groups


One Seed

We have been reading The One Seed Story which explores the courage one brave seed had to stand up for himself. Have a look at our blog to see all the cool stuff we have been doing around this inspiring story! It takes one seed to make a difference! Are you that seed?

Dot Day

We took part in International Dot Day. Have a look at all our creations! 


Spanish Fiesta at Island Bay School

Last Friday, a group of us went to Island Bay School for a Spanish Fiesta. Like us, they have been learning Spanish. We practised some Spanish, played some games and ate tortillas. What a wonderful experience!

This is us preparing for our Fiesta.

Down the back of the Chair
We were inspired by Matariki and Mahutonga to write our own “down the back of the chair” poems.

This is “Dot Art” by James

Thursday 15th September was International Dot Day. Schools across the globe read, "The Dot" by Peter H Reynolds. The author has challenged us to make our mark. This story links to the character strengths of bravery and creativity...

"The Dot is the story of a caring teacher who dares a doubting student to trust in her own abilities by being brave enough to “make her mark”. What begins with a small dot on a piece of paper becomes a breakthrough in confidence and courage, igniting a journey of self-discovery and sharing, which has gone on to inspire countless children and adults around the globe."

Read our posts:
Starting from "The Dot"
Dot Stories
More Dot Day Art
Google Drawing Dot Gallery


The Dot: A Story about Creativity and Bravery

Following Tautoru’s successful exploration of International Dot Day, some of us also read the Dot story and then created dot-inspired art.

Kitchen Chemistry in action!

Following our research into what chemically is happening in some common cooking situations, we entered the kitchen and cooked up a storm - we made bread, ginger beer, cheese, smoked fish, ice cream, dried fruit and more. Have a look at the blog to learn more…

When you are Sleeping by Flynn
The students in Tautoru read Flynn’s poem for their reading this week. They loved how he used the best words for the purpose and painted a picture in the reader’s mind.

Year 3/4 Sleepover

Students had a blast at the Year 3/4 Sleepover!


  • Fair Donation Day - Sunday 25 September, 10am to 12noon. Come to The Shed. We also need Volunteers to help sort.
  • Fair Volunteer Form - please complete the Fair Volunteer Form today.
    We'd love to know what you can help with for the Fair, on the day and leading up to it.
  • Other Donations required now - Full bottles for the Tombola Stall, succulent clippings, cardboard boxes and clothing racks, wrapping paper (any style) and old party favours and party bags, and brown/butchers' paper.
  • Please pop over and "like" the page https://www.facebook.com/worserbayschool.fair
  • School Disco - Friday 14 October - $5 per child
  • Pizza Lunch - Wednesday 19 October - Please order by 9am on Tuesday 18 October - no later!
  • Please diary: Post-Fair "Thank You" from the Board at the Chocolate Fish Cafe - Friday 18 November, 5pm - 6.30pm.

  • The following payments are now due:
    • Voluntary Contribution - $335.00 (Full year)
    • Voluntary Contribution by Instalment - 3rd instalment is now due - $83.75 per term
      (or $71.25 if you initiated the payments in Term 1)
    • Miniball - Term 3 - $35.00

    All payments via Wrap It Up please.

    A Note from the Office

    Nits are doing the rounds again. Please check your child's hair and treat, if necessary.

    Term 4
    Term 4 starts at 8.55am on Monday 10th October.

    Pizza Lunch - Wednesday 19 October

    On Wednesday 19th October, small individual pizzas will be available for lunch. All pizzas have a tomato sauce base and you can choose from three types of topping:
    • Cheese
    • Cheese and Ham
    • Cheese and Salami
    Pizzas cost $5 each. Please order via Wrap It Up. Orders must be in by 9am on Tuesday 18th October - no later.

    The pizzas will be handed out by area (Autahi, Tautoru and Mahutonga/Matariki), therefore it is important that you order under each child's name separately (if you are ordering for two or more children).

    'Outer Space' Disco

    The next WBS Disco is coming up on Friday 14 October 2016, so lock in the date. This will be a fun night for all the children and we encourage them to dress up in our ‘Outer Space’ theme.

    We’re a school of ‘Stargazers’, so this is great opportunity to don your astronaut suit, fire up your rockets, get celestial and sparkle like a star! There will be prizes for the best costumes and the best dancers. 

    Where: Salvation Army Hall, Miramar Ave
    When: 6.00-7.30pm, Friday 14 October 2016
    Entry Fee: $5 per child, WBS students only. Younger siblings are welcome to attend at no charge. Please pay online at www.wrapitup.co.nz

    We'd appreciate each family bringing along plate of food on the night for us to sell at the supper table. We will also have ice blocks for sale, and, due to popular demand, we're doing another Toy Swap. This is where each child who attends brings an unwanted toy (wrapped) to add to the toy box. At the end of the night, the children who donated a toy get to take one from the box. The goal is for us to recycle and reuse things we've grown tired of.

    We look forward to seeing you all there!

    WBS Treasure Island Fair - Sunday 13th November, 11am-2pm

    Donation Day - Sunday 25 September, 10am to 12noon
    Please bring your clothing, baby gear, toys/games/puzzles, books donations to school. Dig out those special retro or boutique items that we can sell for good prices. If you wouldn't buy it, please don't bring it! (Please do not bring broken or dirty things). 

    We need as many volunteers as possible to help with sorting this Sunday. Please come to The Shed. This is the cream shed located in the concrete court area behind the Junior Block. 

    Term 4 Donation Days (during school hours)

    • Days: Wednesdays and Fridays
    • Times: 8.40 - 9.00am and 2.45 - 3.15pm 
    • Location: The Shed. This is the cream shed located in the concrete court area behind the Junior Block. 
    Anything left outside of these times and/or not at The Shed will not go to our Fair! 

    Term 4 Donation Days (weekends)
    All hands on deck, please, to help with the following sorting and donation weekend days:
    • Days: Sundays 16 October and 6 November
    • Times: 10.00am - 12noon
    • Location: The Shed. This is the cream shed located in the concrete court area behind the Junior Block. 

    Silent Auction and Rapid Raffle
    We are still keen on a few more items for the Silent Auction and Rapid Raffle, so if you have a skill, a builder, plumber, electrician, architect, accountant and are keen to donate your services, we would love to hear from you. We are also keen on vouchers for anything, wine and accommodation. So please contact either Stephanie Wilson on asewilson@clear.net.nz or Claire Allen on claireandmattallen@gmail.com

    Please pop onto our Worser Bay Facebook Page and do two things: 

    1. "Like" the page https://www.facebook.com/worserbayschool.fair

    2. Like and share the posts about our awesome sponsors. Maybe even pop over to their pages? 
    On Twitter? Then pop over to and please do some retweeting. https://twitter.com/WBSFair and we are: @WBSFair 

    How to get involved with the Fair
    For those who haven’t had a chance, please click on Fair Volunteer Form link to add your name to some of the tasks. Get in quick to get the job you want. If you are struggling to complete the form online, email Carolyn at cbrett@worserbay.school.nz and she will pop your name next to the stall you wish to work on. 

    Key people organising the Fair
    Get in touch with the team:

    Community Notices...

    Walk 2 D'Feet MND
    Bring your family along and support people living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) at this year’s Walk 2 D’Feet MND. A fantastic family event with lots of entertainment and fun. 

    Where:              ASB Sports Centre, Kilbirnie
    When:               Sunday 25 September
    What time:        Registrations open from 9.30am. Walk starts at 10.30am.
    Details:             A 3km walk inside and around the Sports Centre along flat terrain.
    Registration:     $15 for individuals or $25 for a family. To register, go to http://www.walk2dfeetmnd.co.nz

    Worser Bay Life Saving Club
    Love to swim? Enjoy the Beach? Want to learn to be a Lifeguard?
    Our Junior Surf Programme for 7-14 Year Olds teaches surf safety and surf life saving skills in a relaxed and fun environment while preparing them to become Lifeguards at 14.

    To join or for more information, go to www.worserbaylsc.org.nz or email Lorraine Boennic at the_bionics@hotmail.com.

    Harbour City GymSports
    Harbour City GymSports, situated in Haitatai Park, is running a Holiday Programme in the first week of the school holidays (Monday 26th Sept to Thursday 29th September – 4 days only). Each session runs from 9am – 3pm (early pick up option of 1pm) for children aged 5 – 12 years.

    Please email us on office@hcg.org.nz or phone 386 4443 for more information and a registration form.

    Miramar Softball
    Junior Registrations close on Monday 19th September. 
    Register at the softball clubrooms (Polo Grounds) on Saturday 17th September between 10am and 12pm or online at www.miramarsoftball.co.nz or http://www.sporty.co.nz/miramarsoftball/Online-Registration-Form/tab1

    For any queries or further information, contact Shelley Cheriton-Weeks at weeks@paradise.net.nz. We are all looking forward to a great season in the sun.

    Clay Penguin School Holiday Programme
    Thursday 6 October: Swinging animals
    Friday 7 October: All things Halloween
    All programmes run from 9-12 noon.
    Cost $40 includes clay, materials, morning tea and firing of work.
    Clay Penguin Studio, 13 Hector St Seatoun.
    For a booking form email theclaypenguin@hotmail.com

    2017 Scots College Year 7 & 8 Sports Scholarships
    These scholarships are awarded to students new to the College and entering at Years 7-8 who display all-round excellence in sport. Deadline of application is Friday 28 October 2016.

    For more information, head to: http://www.scotscollege.school.nz/admissions/scholarships/#msscholarships

    If you have any questions regarding the scholarships, please call Mrs Sharon Hedges on ph 04 803 0592 or email 

    Supporting Success in your School
    If you are a parent, staff member or member of the school community and draw down a new ASB home loan of $150,000 or more, ASB will donate to your chosen participating school $500. Visit www.asb.co.nz/schoolbanking for more information.

    Carolyn Brett,
    21 Sep 2016, 17:06
    Carolyn Brett,
    21 Sep 2016, 17:06