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Week 7 - 17 March 2017

Kia ora e te Whānau o Whetūkairangi

Core Education is a large NZ education consultancy. We had one of their educators, Mark Osborne here a couple of years ago to run a Parent Workshop about 'future focused education' and why the need to change direction from 'when many of us were at school'. Sir Ken Robinson, who you will find me often referring to, sums many of these ideas up in this 10 minute chat. I really encourage you to push play and have a listen if you haven't seen it before.

Every year Core pulls together a whole lot of research and provides a list of the top ten trends that are expected to make a growing impact upon education in New Zealand in the coming year. Here's the list from 2016:

Education is a moving feast. Everyone has an opinion. It's going to be very interesting in the lead up to this election as to where education sits in the mix. It's sure to be a hot topic, that's a given. Wherever the direction heads next, we need to be flexible, yes, but also determined to keep the school community's vision and the 3 key principles for our children - valuing the whole child, knowledge building and inquiry, and embracing collaborative learning as the touchstone for all decision making.

Ngā mihi

Our Principal’s Awards are currently focusing on the following:

I am a goalsetter... 
  • I can reflect on my learning 
  • I can share and discuss my achievements
  • I can plan my next learning steps

Autahi and Tautoru
Amelia, Darragh, Lisa, Romy, Emelie, Finley, Jasmine and Wolfgang.

Matariki and Mahutonga
Bethen, Charlotte Ba., Gina, Maddie and Max.

Parent Workshop - Tuesday 21 March - 6.30pm-7.30pm

Developing Children’s Speech and Language with Speech Language Therapist, Jennifer Lyons

Our NZ Curriculum relies on oral language as the foundation for student learning. It is essential for literacy learning, and successful use of language is critical for students’ wellbeing. Almost all learning relies on oral language.

Like anything, students’ abilities vary and they progress at different times. The level of oral language knowledge and competency of some students impacts on how they access the curriculum at any level. It is not easy for some! The English alphabet has 26 letters and 44 distinctive sounds. Some sounds are made up by 2 or 3 different letters, so how and when do you learn these?  

Jennifer Lyons will be coming to share her expertise on these areas that we often have questions about:
  • Speech and language 
  • Developing oral language and vocabulary
  • Developing phonemic awareness (the foundations for spelling)
She will be covering these areas and providing some very helpful information about what speech and language development to expect at different ages and stages. She will be giving practical tips on how we can improve all of these areas at school and home.  

“Writing floats on a sea of talk” is a favourite saying of ours - actually “All learning floats on a sea of talk”!

We hope to see you all there.

Grow Your Mind Day - Monday 10 April


Come and be part of our inaugural 'grow your mind day'!

We know that you have skills, interests, hobbies, even hidden talents that would be new and exciting for our children to learn more about or for them to just have a new experience. We are aiming to have little Mini Workshops running throughout the day, depending on interest from you, your friends and family.

The scope is wide, from music to cultural practices to cake decorating to photography, quilting, go carts, drawing, martial arts, hairdressing and ......and ....and.........the list goes on and on......whatever - as long as it's child friendly!

A Google Form will be coming your way next week to pop your name down, but if you can't wait to fill that in just email your child's base group teacher.

Please join us and make this a big success!

2017 Great Kiwi Science, English and Maths Competitions for Years 5-6

The University of Canterbury is offering your child the opportunity to participate in the Great KIWI English, Mathematics and Science competitions. These competitions take place annually and are designed by New Zealand teachers for New Zealand students based on the New Zealand curriculum. The competitions are administered by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) which is a not-for-profit Centre at the University of Canterbury. 

The competitions are open to all Year 5-6 students in English, Mathematics and Science. Students can enter in one or more subjects. It provides teachers, parents and students with an independent, comprehensive record of a student’s performance. The supervised online tests will take place in the last 2 weeks of Term 2. 

Keep an eye out in upcoming Newsletters for registration. 


Creativity at the Beach 
Last week we made it to the beach for one session and we had so much fun. We became town planners and architects. Take a look at the blog to find out more!

What's we've been up to
There has been so much engaged and fun learning going on in Autahi! From thinking like scientists, to being musicians and creating our own tracks, to learning about symmetry and butterflies! It’s been busy and exciting in Autahi! Have a deeper look at our blog!


This week we have been learning some games to play in the playground. We learned how rules actually make the games better, because everyone knows what they are supposed to do. We had to use some character strengths - bravery, zest, kindness, resilience. Have a look at the Blog and find out more.

Art in Tautoru
We shared our Chinese New Year dragon at Assembly last week. It is now hanging in Tautoru with lots of other lovely pieces of artwork. Pop in and have a look at our displays.

Digital Technologies Update

Google Accounts have been successfully set up for students in the seniors. The introduction of Google Docs has really changed the way students and teachers work. It gives students the opportunity to access their learning at anytime, to share with their classmates, teachers, and parents. Students are able to work collaboratively and also give feedback to each other on documents. Students are also accessing Google Apps that is shifting the classroom learning to a more student-centred environment.

Setting up Google Accounts for Year 3 children will assist with the transition from the juniors to the seniors at the end of this year. We will begin by teaching all of the Year 3 students the skills required to confidently use Google Docs and ICT so that they will have a good foundation with which to continue building on.

Teachers are using GAFE (Google Apps For Education) alongside the Hapara dashboard which allows them to monitor what students are doing with their Google Accounts. All children from Years 3-6 have their own student account and Year 1 and 2 students have access to Google Docs through the Tautoru GAFE site.

A major focus that underlies everything is digital citizenship. Year 3 students will have brought home the WBS Acceptable Use of Technologies Agreement, developed by them and their teachers. They will discuss it with you and it needs to be signed and returned to school. Once a signed Acceptable Use of Technologies Agreement has been returned, the students will be set up with a Google Account. Safety is paramount and we take this very seriously.

We are excited about the opportunities that will prepare our children for a future that will be very different to our own. 

Please speak with Scott if you have any questions.


  • Parent Workshop with Jennifer Lyons (Speech Language Therapist) - Tuesday 21 March, 6.30pm-7.30pm
  • Sign up here to sell soap or buy individual soaps for $2.50 via Wrap It Up (see below). 
  • Assembly - Friday 24 March
  • Lost Property Clearance - Friday 24 March
  • Year 5 & 6 Camp - 27 - 29 March
  • Year 4 Camp - Tuesday 28 March
  • Please diary - Parent Drinks at Park Kitchen - Friday 7 April at 7.30pm
  • Please diary - Ceilidh - Saturday 17 June
  • Sausage Sizzles - Tuesdays
  • Sushi Lunches - Fridays
  • Term Dates 2017 and Calendar
  • Take a look at our Blogs! www.worserbay.school.nz/blogs 
  • The following payments are now due:
    Voluntary Contribution - $295 if paid by 13 April 2017 
    Seesaw Annual Subscription Fee - $10
    Year 5 & 6 Camp - $225
    Year 4 Camp - $50
    Floorball - $35
    Mini Polo - $40

All payments via Wrap It Up please.

A Note from the Office

Senior Camp
Payments are now due for the Senior Camp. Please arrange payment via Wrap It Up (or chat with Steph or Carolyn) - Year 5 & 6 Camp is $225 and Year 4 Camp is $50.

Please find more information and Personal Gear Lists below:

Floorball and Mini Polo

Floorball and Mini Polo fees are now due. If your child is playing either of these sports, they should now be showing on your Wrap It Up account. If not, please email Carolyn at cbrett@worserbay.school.nz. Payments are due by Monday 3 April 2017.

Please park responsibly when dropping off your children to school. When cars are parked on both sides of Nevay Road at school drop off / pick up times, buses are unable to get through. 

Warning - 
Please do not use the Worser Bay School driveway as a drop off zone. There was a near miss involving a young child on the footpath at the bottom of the school driveway last year. The yellow lines are there for a reason!

We’re trying something a little different with a fantastic ecostore ‘Good Soap’ Fundraiser. Selling for $2.50 each. The 80g ecostore soaps are excellent value and $1 from each soap will go to Worser Bay School. If you haven’t tried ecostore soaps before, they’re beautiful to use, free of nasty chemicals and have a lovely fragrance. There are 3 fragrances to choose from: Lemongrass, Pear, Grapefruit & Mint.

Can you help us sell them to your friends, family, neighbours or workmates over the next 2 weeks? Please sign up here and we’ll be in touch shortly with all the resources you need.

Individual soaps are also now available for school families to purchase via Wrap it Up. Samples of each fragrance are available to smell in the office. :)

Pizza Lunches

On Wednesday 12th April, small individual pizzas will be available for lunch. All pizzas have a tomato sauce base and you can choose from three types of topping:
  • Cheese
  • Cheese and Ham
  • Cheese and Salami
Pizzas cost $5 each. Please order via Wrap It Up. Orders are due by 9am on Tuesday 11th April (no later).

The pizzas will be handed out by area (Autahi, Tautoru and Mahutonga/Matariki), therefore it is important that you order under each child's name separately (if you are ordering for two or more children).


Lizard Garden
As part of our learning about Tane and being powerful, we have been examining our very own lizard garden created last year.

We have been thinking about where our place to stand is, and where our families stand.

Auroa and WBS Reading Groups Connect
It’s great to connect with our friends at Auroa School!

One of our reading groups connected with a reading group in a school in the Taranaki countryside called Auroa School. We did some reading with them, where we did one paragraph and they did a paragraph.

We were reading: Awarua the Taniwha of Porirua

You can listen to the story: Awarua The Taniwha of Porirua

We managed to power through it

By Zach and Alastair

Turangawaewae: My Place to Stand

Where am I from? Where am I connected? What is special to me? Where do I belong? Where do I feel most at home?

Ko Tangi te Keo te Maunga
Ko te Whanganui a Tara te Moana
Ko Whetukairangi te Marae
Ko te Upoko o te Ika taku Turangawaewae!

ASB will donate $500 if....

If you are a parent, staff member or member of the school community and draw down a new ASB home loan of $250,000 or more, ASB will donate $500 to Worser Bay School. Visit www.asb.co.nz/schoolbanking for more information.

How it works:
Mention this school donation offer to your ASB banker when you apply for a new ASB home loan. The supporting success in your school promotion is only available when you apply for a new home loan through an ASB branch, Mobile Lending Manager or by calling us on 0800 100 600.

Your new home loan application must be received, approved and then documented in a facility agreement, along with the completed school voucher, before the 30 June 2017. This home loan offer is only available on loans secured by an owner-occupied residential property provided to ASB, with a minimum of 20% equity.

Once your home loan is fully drawn down, ASB will donate $500 to your chosen participating school.

Download and complete the School Voucher to participate in the supporting success in your school promotion.

Terms and conditions apply, see voucher. Promotion ends 30 June 2017.

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