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Week 10 - 29 September 2017

Kia ora e te Whānau o Whetūkairangi

Welcome to the holiday break!

I'm sure when we come back we will have an energetic spring in our step as we look forward to so much during the final 'summer term' (with healthy doses of optimism and hope!) Thinking summery thoughts, please remember check out our Sun Protection Policy and ensure your child/ren has the best chance of keeping safe in the sun.

Our children, teachers and parents have been out and about making connections all over the place - whether it's for learning, fundraising or simply building relationships.
In terms of learning - venturing outside of the classroom walls and school perimeter is expected, both in terms of the New Zealand Curriculum and also our local place based curriculum. When we look at our Year 6 leavers' profile of a "connected, curious and confident thinker", this idea of 'venturing out' is essential.

These days we also have the support of technology to connect to the world and when you dip in and out of the very lively Blogs, this is evident and opens up so many opportunities, but our children also need human, real, face to face interaction and connection to build so many skills for their future. Sitting alone in front of a screen with headphones on and a bowl of chips won't cut it.

As was mentioned in Board Shorts last week, we had a motivating Board and Staff Strategic Planning session a couple of weeks ago and will be doing more sharing soon. A number of teachers gave short presentations as part of this. John provided a thought provoking piece about "What should/could Schooling, Teaching and most importantly Learning look like in the rapidly changing world? Rethinking what is taught, how it is taught, and how learning is assessed". There were many links to the purpose of schooling, the work of great thinkers in this field and it really helped us think big picture and well ahead. As John mentioned, these are really exciting times to be an educator - we have never known so much! Whether it's about the nature of learning, plasticity of the brain, emotions... it can be difficult to keep up and make sure we are current, without jumping on the next bandwagon or catching onto a fad, as there are plenty!

As part of the presentation, John outlined the 7 Principles of Learning by the wonderful Sir Ken Robinson. These capture a lot of what we are talking about daily in a few simple bullet points:

We look forward to continuing to give our children a great array of learning opportunities next term and also know we can't do it without our parent community. Let's keep working in partnership to keep moving the school forward with energy and passion and knowing that we will be doing our best for our children starting in Autahi to leave for Intermediate with so many tools in the toolkit, ready to embrace a different wider world to the one we, 'the adults', entered into.

See you with your sunhats in Term 4.

Ngā mihi


Coming up this Week:
  • Fair Donation Drop Off - 10am to 12noon on Sunday 1 October

Dates to Diary:
  • Pizza Lunch - Wednesday 25 October (ordering will open in Term 4)
  • Senior Trip to ASB Sports Centre - Thursday 26 October
  • School Athletics Day - Friday 27 October at Worser Bay Beach
  • Lost Property Clearance - Friday 27 October
  • Assembly - 9am on Friday 3 November
  • School Fair - 11am to 2pm on Sunday 12 November
  • Parent "Thank You" from the Board - 5pm to 6.30pm on Friday 17 November
  • Senior School Trip to Otari-Wilton's Bush - Wednesday 29 November
  • Senior School Extravaganza of Creativity - Evening of Thursday 30 November
  • Senior School Beach Week - 4 to 15 December
  • Sponsored Duathlon for KidsCan - Senior School - Wednesday 6 December
  • Year 6 Dinner - 6pm to 7.30pm on Tuesday 12 December
  • The Wrap - Whole School - 5.30pm to 7.00pm on Thursday 14 December
  • Year 6 Trip to H2O Extream - Monday 18 December
  • School Closes at 1pm on Tuesday 19 December
Need to Action:
  • Fair Volunteer Form - Please sign up to help at the Fair
  • Running of the Balls - Please return sold tickets stubs to the office by Friday 27 October
  • School Photos - Order by Sunday 29 October (see Carolyn's email from 29.9.17 for more information)

Nau mai Haere Mai!

Welcome to our new Positive Education tab. This will be updated regularly.

Year 3 & 4 Sleepover 2017 is a Wrap!

Thanks hugely to the teachers for going the extra mile (again!) and the supportive parents who stayed overnight - with patience and kindness a-plenty!. 

A Note from the Office

Sun Protection
As Term 4 is fast approaching, students will need adequate sun protection when playing outside:
  • We require students to wear hats which protect the face, neck, and ears, whenever they are outside and involved in school activities. Students at school without a hat must remain in an allocated shaded area or inside at break times.
  • We encourage students to protect themselves with broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF30 (Sun Protection Factor), and by sitting/playing in the shade where possible.
  • We encourage students to wear clothing that protects the skin (e.g. long sleeve tops) when at risk of extended sun exposure, such as sports days and picnics, etc.
For more information, please refer to our Sun Protection Policy on SchoolDocs.

School Photos
Order your School Photos via the Online Gallery by midnight on Sunday 29 October to receive Earlybird pricing and to have your photos delivered to the school. Ordering or clearing payments after this date will be charged at Inspire's Standard pricing , with prints to be collected from the studio, or plus $6 postage if you would prefer for prints to be sent out to you by standard post. 

You will need a code to access the photos - Carolyn sent this to parents in an email on 29.9.17.

School starts at 8.55am and finishes at 3pm
We cannot take responsibility for students who are at school before 8.30am and after 3pm.

School Driveway
Please do not use the bottom of the school driveway as a drop off zone. The yellow lines are there for a reason. Last term we had a couple of reports of near misses on the crossing due to cars pulling in and stopping there. Please help keep our children safe.

School Payments
The following payments are now ready for payment via Online Payments on our website:
  • Voluntary Contribution - $345 
  • Seesaw Annual Subscription Fee - $10
Term Dates for 2017 and 2018 can be found on our website together with our
 Calendar of upcoming events.

Senior School - Upcoming Events

As we bid a fond farewell to Term 3, we are already looking ahead to Term 4, thinking about some of the exciting events and important learning experiences which we need you all to be aware of.

Our Inquiry focus is around the Power of the Body and we will be exploring the provocation; Healthy Body Healthy Mind? This is going to involve quite a lot of activity and time outside of the classroom.

The first of these events, a kind of physical tuning in will be a trip to the ASB on Thursday 26th October. The day after, Friday 27th October, is our School Athletics Day at Worser Bay Beach.

On Wednesday 29th November, we are going to be going to Otari-Wilton’s Bush for a solid half day of tramping, taking in the sights while testing our fitness, reviewing our knowledge of native flora and fauna. We will be asking for parent helpers for this trip, so please keep an eye out for notices as we approach the date.

As a kind of tying together of one of the Inquiry strands, children in New Zealand who experience hardship and our Health focus, we are organising a fundraising event with KidsCan. This will take the form of a Duathlon, running and swimming on 6th December. This will also fit into our beach based programme which takes place over the last two full weeks of the term, from 4th to 15th December. This will include sailing, kayaking, water safety, swimming and many other events. We have done this over the last 5 years and it just keeps getting better. We are already praying to the weather gods; take it easy on us, Tawhirimatea!

The evening of Thursday 30th November has been set aside for performances, the sharing of some of our creative writing, poems, songs and short plays, an extravaganza of creativity. I’m sure you’ll be aware that these kids love a chance to perform in front of a captive audience.

Special events for Year 6 students to put in the diary (while it’s out) are the Year 6 Dinner on Tuesday 12th December and the annual swimming pool trip to H2O Extream on Monday 18th December. And, don’t forget The Wrap on Thursday 14th December. Wow! We are going to be busy people!

Fair News Spot

Do you want to contribute to the Fair and help fundraise for Worser Bay School, but you’re not sure how? Here are some ways you can help, with further details below:
  • Donate items - toys, books, childrens clothing, bottles, sugar, bric-a-brac. 
  • Volunteer at the Fair 
  • Sell your Running of the Balls tickets
  • Grow plants or donate gardening items
  • Sort items prior to the Fair

Running of the Balls
Every family at WBS should have brought home a booklet of 6 Running of the Balls tickets this week. If you didn't receive one, please pick it up from the office in Term 4. Please sell these as quickly as you can - to neighbours, whānau, friends…. and return the sold ticket stubs to the named box in the office no later than Friday 27th October. Each ticket holder will be assigned a numbered ball, and be in with the chance of winning 3 fabulous prizes shown on the back of each ticket. 

Volunteer at the Fair!
Put your name down TODAY!!! ….on the Fair Volunteer Form and volunteer for jobs before, during and after the Fair to help make sure the Fair is a great success. You’ll have heaps of fun with other parents!

Donation drop-off this weekend - clothing, books, toys
Drop your good condition clothing, baby gear, toys, games, puzzles, books off this Sunday 1st October, 10am until a bit before 12pm at the cream Shed behind the junior block.

Please do not bring in any items for White Elephant yet (aka Bric-a-Brac, Trash and Treasure). These items will be collected on Fair weekend.

Drop offs can also be made on Wednesdays & Fridays, 8.40am - 9am or 2.45 - 3.15pm, or Sunday 22 October and Sunday 5 November.

Bottle Tombola
Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed bottles. We’re making progress, but we’re not yet up to 100 bottles. Bottles could include champagne, shampoo, perfume, chilli sauce, big bottles of fancy beer, olive oils.. (Alcoholic beverages straight to the office team, please).

Got a question? Ask one of your friendly Fair Committee:

Deb Maxwell - 021 036 7467

Sarah Wells - 021 793 557

Jackie Ross - 027 277 1603

Fair Committee

ASB will donate $500 to WBS if....

If you are a parent, staff member or member of the school community and draw down a new ASB home loan of $250,000 or more, ASB will donate to your chosen participating school $500. Visit www.asb.co.nz/schoolbanking for more information.

How it works:
Mention this school donation offer to your ASB banker when you apply for a new ASB home loan. The supporting success in your school promotion is only available when you apply for a new home loan through an ASB branch, Mobile Lending Manager or by calling us on 0800 100 600.

Your new home loan application must be received, approved and then documented in a facility agreement, along with the completed school voucher, before 30 June 2018. This home loan offer is only available on loans secured by an owner-occupied residential property provided to ASB, with a minimum of 20% equity.

Once your home loan is fully drawn down, ASB will donate $500 to your chosen participating school.

Download and complete the school voucher to participate in the supporting success in your school promotion.

Terms and conditions apply, see voucher. Promotion ends 30 June 2018.

Our Principal’s Awards are currently focusing on the following:

I am powerful...
  • I can think about overcoming challenges
  • I am excited about new learning and I challenge myself
  • I do not give up
  • I understand that not knowing is good
  • I take action
  • I can make decisions about my environment (sustainability)

Autahi and Tautoru
Alessandro, Amelia, Charlie, Suki-lee, Clementine, Kura, Sabine and Theo.

Matariki and Mahutonga
Alex G, Anatole, Ari, Joni, Orla and Rico.


ASB and Growing our Brains and Muscles 
We had a wonderful time, for the second time, growing and working on our strengths on Tuesday. We practised Futsal, Floorball, Athletics and Gymnastics. For some of us, coming back to these sports for a second time was really great. The first time was a bit scary and was new and this time we were able to approach these things with a little more confidence! Have a look at the Blog to hear about what we did!

The Power of Creative Thinking 
We have been talking about creative thinking and thinking about looking at and doing things in different ways. Have a look at the Blog to see more about this!


Celebrating in Inquiry
We shared our routine to another group and used the success criteria (see picture below) to give each other feedback about each routine. We really enjoyed giving feedback to each other and agreed on our next steps.

International Dot Day
Friday 15th September was International Dot Day. This day is a celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration in response to the book "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds.

We spent our morning celebrating Dot Day in Tautoru, using our character strengths of creativity, curiosity and teamwork.



What you can do about Global Warming - Student ideas from their current inquiries
Henry and Oscar have been looking at global warming and want to share their learning with you. Hopefully it will inspire you to make some changes in your lifestyle!

Student Council
Recently our Student Council groups have been really busy doing loads of different activities within the school. We saw the Raffle drawn on Monday at Karakia, we have planted our Little Gardens, had Worser Bay’s Got Talent finals…. The list goes on!

Check out some links on our Blogs about some of these events:

Dodgeball from the Social Group


The Social Group is also running a Story Writing competition for the holidays. You can write a story about ANYTHING you would like and include whatever pictures or drawings. Entries need to be handed in to Evie or Kate G by Friday 20th October (first Friday of Week 1).

Role Model Day
On Thursday we had a Role Model Day. Inspiring people came in to talk to our students about the inspiring work that they do. Thank you to all of our guests. Read how we were inspired on our Blog.

Kimi came in to talk to us about her graphic designing

Roland spoke about Government

Rhian spoke about his music

John talked to us about being an architect

Arti spoke to us about being a filmmaker

Gina talked to us about being an author

Incredible Trappers
The Trapping Team have raised over $500 dollars from the raffle, a great effort! Thanks to all of you who supported this by buying a ticket, or in many cases tickets. The winner: Christine, our lovely Librarian. Yay for her!

But the job doesn’t end there as today’s trapping adventure shows. A massive rat!

You can watch some of our entries on our Blog.

Carolyn Brett,
24 Sep 2017, 14:13
Carolyn Brett,
24 Sep 2017, 14:13
Carolyn Brett,
24 Sep 2017, 14:13