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10 November 2017

posted 9 Nov 2017, 16:07 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 27 Nov 2017, 16:22 ]
A note of gratitude on behalf of the staff @ WBS:

Dear parent volunteers

This weekend we have our Fair of Legends - that's the one 12 November 11-2, rain or shine! I very much recognise the many hours of thinking, discussing, planning, deliberating and just plain hard physical work that goes into this 'biggest fundraising event' in the life of the school. 

Many of you are also engaged in monthly pizza making, weekly sausage sizzling - donning the apron wind, rain, sun or out in the freezing cold. There are our discos - what a hit they have been this year! On the dancing, fun and frolic front, the Ceilidh must be highlighted - the great thing here is the crew this also attracts from wider than 'just us'.

We had some new initiatives this year too - the eco soaps and the very cool hoodies. Our incredibly high percentage of families who pay voluntary contributions (this actually combines to over half our fundraising budget !), plus those who provide generous extra 'donations'........... for the benefit of all.

The gift of time is precious. 

The helping in the classrooms and EOTC events, the sports managers and coaches, the parents keen to help out with our environmental focus, our languages and fab events like 'Grow your Mind Day' and 'Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence' - keen to be in the mentor seat.

The enthusiasm to find out more about teaching and learning - the massive turn out to our Wellbeing workshop, learning treasure hunts, reporting, SLCs........... mini workshops, celebrations.

The time you take to let us know how things are going for your child, to work with teachers to do the best by the children, the thought and care you put into families in the community in times of need, the general 'mucking in'.

Our Parent Net reps, our people people, our networkers, our Board Members, our get our tools out and 'fix its', our designers, our printers, our doers.....our bakers.....our 'silent partners' who just actually go and do things....... silently!

I certainly feel, and I also know this is echoed from the staff, grateful to work in and be part of a community who understands the importance of contributing and why, in a school 'like ours', we can't move forward without this energy and drive from our parent volunteers.

So, in anticipation of a massive weekend ahead, please know that the WBS staff thank you all for all that you will do this weekend and have done all year in all the rich and varied hues.

We look forward to working alongside you this Sunday and the Board looks forward to inviting you to celebrate and thank you:

The Chocolate Fish, Shelly Bay
Friday 17 November,  5pm - 6.30pm

Whāia te iti kahurangi ki te tūohu koe me he maunga teitei
Aim for the highest cloud so that if you miss it you will hit a lofty mountain


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