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12 May 2017

posted 11 May 2017, 19:48 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 16 May 2017, 19:48 ]
Our school's vision:
Worser Bay School Children love learning.
At our school, the entire school community can:  See achievement celebrated and children valued as individuals;  Feel motivated and inspired to participate;  Experience success.

We also have our 3 principles:  Valuing the Whole Child, Knowledge Building and Inquiry and Embracing Collaborative Learning

.... and our Year 6 leavers profile which is we aim to have our children move on as curious, confident and connected thinkers.

To read more, go to: Worser Bay School Curriculum

Our community changes frequently. With every new family joining we have new opportunities....... and every family brings new hopes, dreams and aspirations..... for their children.

It's timely to check in with you all, parents, staff and children, as to where we are at right now and if our direction needs a fresh ingredient or two to create a different flavour!

A methodology that provides a great structure is that of Appreciative Inquiry.... starting with what's already working really well and what we should absolutely keep doing. Then, thinking about 3 wishes for the future, the where we could be heading or working on further. The strengths will support us to move forward with challenges too. 

The idea is to create a Word Cloud for each in visual form that we can have for motivation around the place! In this way, we can pull the information apart to see responses from children, staff and parents separately and then also as a community, a whole. The most common words will be large and the less common words smaller - which will give us an immediate steer!

So here's what what we would love you to do from now until the end of May:

Go the Feedback form and add your comments. We would prefer your answers to be one word answers or up to three words, ie. "Creative" or "Friendly atmosphere".

As this is a really important exercise for us, we really need to hear as many voices a possible - please expect plenty of reminders!