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15 September 2017

posted 14 Sep 2017, 19:55 by Carolyn Brett
Lately, I have been reflecting on the depth of conversations I have with the teachers about student learning and the way in which we go about inquiring into practice - what's working for whom and how do we know? There are a lot of questions, there is an evidence base and research required and there is the expectation that 'we think like scientists' (even though we work in a people and relationship based industry).

When the teaching staff completed the VIA Character Survey - it is not surprising that we are heavy on the love and kindness strengths! It's hard to work with small people en masse if you don't have a decent dose of both, I guess!

Perseverence and Judgement needs to be brought to the forefront when teachers are going through their inquiry cycles. These are known as 'teaching as inquiry cycles' or TAI in our world of acronyms. At the moment, we have had a heavy focus on maths. Teachers all are undertaking an individual TAI into their maths practice. Over the last 2 weeks they have been observing each other and coaching on next steps and sharing their findings from their inquiry to date with the whole staff. This also links into appraisal processes. 

Underlying our teacher inquiries, we have a focus on girls' achievement in maths and movement from at to above..... through a variety of means!

We have some great new thinking in the maths world which is starting to have an impact on our programmes. You may be interested in reading this article What is Mathematical Beauty? It's excited us!

Expectations are certainly different from 1987 when I started my career and was pretty much left to my own devices..... for years, in fact!

Speaking of the '80s, see you rocking down in Miramar tonight! That's also excited us! Thanks to the Disco King and the crew for what will be another evening of great fun for our tamariki (and many parents!)