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17 March 2017

posted 16 Mar 2017, 13:56 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 16 Mar 2017, 14:41 ]
Core Education is a large NZ education consultancy. We had one of their educators, Mark Osborne here a couple of years ago to run a Parent Workshop about 'future focused education' and why the need to change direction from 'when many of us were at school'. Sir Ken Robinson, who you will find me often referring to, sums many of these ideas up in this 10 minute chat. I really encourage you to push play and have a listen if you haven't seen it before.

Every year Core pulls together a whole lot of research and provides a list of the top ten trends that are expected to make a growing impact upon education in New Zealand in the coming year. Here's the list from 2016:
Education is a moving feast. Everyone has an opinion. It's going to be very interesting in the lead up to this election as to where education sits in the mix. It's sure to be a hot topic, that's a given. Wherever the direction heads next, we need to be flexible, yes, but also determined to keep the school community's vision and the 3 key principles for our children - valuing the whole child, knowledge building and inquiry, and embracing collaborative learning as the touchstone for all decision making.