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18 March 2016

posted 17 Mar 2016, 18:45 by Stephanie Williams
Our Year 6 students leave Worser Bay School connected, curious and confident thinkers.

Well, that's the Year 6 graduate profile - what we are aiming for - it's motivating!

When you click on the following link on the website you can find our local school curriculum


You had a brief intro to this at the parent workshops a few weeks ago. It's been incubating for some time and whilst it sits underneath and is aligned with the bigger New Zealand Curriculum Framework, it has a unique connection to 'us'. 

The vision, the values, the goals, the key concepts, the significant questions, the Inquiry process and the learner attributes/competencies. I am hoping that when you look through this document, it will feel like a friend - somewhat familiar with a degree of comfort! If you would like more explanation or have any questions - please find a time to chat with your child's teachers.

If you are newer to the school or this is your first time in the New Zealand system you may like to look at the link to the New Zealand Curriculum Framework. 

We have so many countries in awe of this direction. The New Zealand Curriculum has such a strong emphasis on competencies, on life-long learning, on citizenship, on thinking..... and on the list goes. We are not about teaching to tests, we are not about' 'keeping children behind' and we are not all about the 3Rs. It's AND! And..... long may that last!