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19 August 2016

posted 18 Aug 2016, 18:56 by Carolyn Brett
"If you do not change direction you may end up where you are heading "– Lao Tzu

We are going for more of a tweak in direction with our Student Led Conferences (SLCs) - Celebrations of Learning - later this term. According to those who have been around these parts much longer than me, the 'SLC' has retained its near original form for well over 20 years at this school! That's very impressive, as for many these are seen as a more recent addition to the calendar in many NZ schools. 

With the introduction of Seesaw, the digital portfolio of learning, we knew that the SLC would need to take on a different look and feel as there is more traffic between home and school this year and we don't want examples of a wide range of learning to be old or stale when you get to see and discuss it with your child/ren. Additionally, 2016 is also the year we want to check that our learner attributes
  • I am powerful
  • I am a goal setter
  • I am connected
  • I am a thinker
are truly at the heart of our curriculum and what is known as 'learner agency' is being promoted. To find out more about learner agency: http://www.core-ed.org/thought-leadership/ten-trends/ten-trends-2014/learning-agency

Seesaw has added a new flourish to the landscape! We are continuing the four annual parent/teacher connection points, with two of these including the child/ren - the heart/s of the matter! However, this year the traditional SLCs will become more social, hopefully providing a greater opportunity for the children to really take charge of the conversation. 

This time around, each area, except for Autahi, have two days set aside for these Celebrations of Learning. You will be booking in groups of 5 (children + parents) for 30 minute slots during the day. A teacher will be facilitating the group, your child will lead you through a variety of pieces of work, with prompting from yourselves and the teacher as they work with the group. On either side of the conversation, you will have an opportunity to experience a bit more of regular classroom life as well. Some of you will remember the learning space treasure hunt of 2015........ a great success! We are reinstating that, in combination with the group facilitated conversations. We very much value the children having this opportunity to articulate their learning journey, so please diary these days: 

Autahi:                         Thursday 8 September
Mahutonga/Matariki:     Monday 12 or Tuesday 13 September
Tautoru:                        Wednesday 14 or Thursday 15 September

Please follow the instructions below on how to book:

Enter the Worser Bay School Code: q8vsd
Please book a time with the area where you child is (Autahi, Tautoru or Mahutonga/Matariki).
Bookings will close at midday on Wednesday 7 September.

If you are totally confused, please chat to a teacher in your area or Steph in the office and they will get you on track.

It's all a bit exciting next week with the Festival of Music. Ka mau te wehi! Thanks so much to our teachers, support staff and parent helpers for not accepting the status quo! This will be something special! In the words of Albert Einstein “A ship is always safe at the shore - but that is NOT what it is built for.” I'm full of quotes this week!