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21 October 2016

posted 20 Oct 2016, 19:29 by Carolyn Brett
At the moment, we are finding 'the beauty in the and'. It's not planning for the remainder of 2016 or 2017, it's finding the beauty and challenge in looking at both.

Last Saturday, the Board, 2017 teachers and support staff had an energising planning session. We celebrated what we are proud of and what challenges may lay ahead for schools that are both within and out of our control. We then came up with goals around the where to next for continued improvement.

I think we are looking quite cheery for the end of a Saturday session!

It was great that Anna (next to John) and Wanwan (next to Susie) could join us and offer their insights right from the start!

Next year, Anna will join the senior team and, as Nic puts it, she 'will end her sabbatical in the juniors' and head over the courtyard back to the seniors, with Gabrielle and John remaining steadfast and true! 

Wanwan will be working in Tautoru with Susie, Shona and Scott, with Gillian based in Autahi but really..... the whole juniors work as one. As numbers build in Autahi, we will increase our resourcing to match the growth. It's always a bit of an unknown.

What we do know is learning remains less interrupted if children aren't transitioning throughout the year - so it's best to keep things as stable as we possibly can. Well, in this school, it's hardly difficult! We are Week 2 into our transition Fridays and it's going swimmingly. I don't think we sometimes realise how simple this whole exercise is with 2 internal transitions in 6 years of primary schooling. Many children in different schools will experience 6 or even more. 

At the same time, we need to balance this ease with allowing the children the space to deal with change and reinforce such  notions as perseverance, courage, positivity and grit when coming across something new. 

We have some more work to do on the 2017 Annual Plan from both a teaching and learning and governance perspective. Once this is confirmed, I will let you know when I've popped it on the website. First, we need to make OTJs (Overall Teacher Judgements), analyse all of of our National Standards data and confirm new targets for 2017. Now - this requires perseverence, courage, positivity and grit, teachers!

Wishing you all a fabulous long weekend, it's almost here.