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24 March 2016

posted 23 Mar 2016, 17:55 by Carolyn Brett
I've been doing a bit of reading on listening lately. It's not a simple task! Carl Rogers is very well known for his work on active listening. Back in the late 1980s in the article 'Active Listening', along with Richard Farson, (an oldie but a goody!) Rogers suggests that '....... basically listening requires that we get inside the speaker, that we grasp, from their point of view, just what it is s/he is communicating with us....." 

To read more:

There is a good deal of empathy required - easy,.......surely?! 
Well, no, not always... at all.... but as Rebecca Shafir reminds us in her book "The Zen of Listening" it's never too late to relearn how to truly listen.

How often are we so busy multi-tasking we miss little gems from the children or each other?  A lot of time, important stories and information is hidden as our minds are racing onto the next thing, nodding and making the odd mmmmmmmm noise here and there just doesn't really suffice! 

Think about when we go to the movies, we generally aren't interrupted, we are absorbed, we put ourselves in others' shoes. Rebecca Shafir uses the  metaphor 'get into their movie' when thinking about how we listen. I think it's a great one when we think about what we can aim to do next time a child has a story to share, a comment to make, a suggestion.... stop and breathe! Listen. Ask questions. Find out something new about them.

Let's try and switch off the static and be really present and show genuine interest. Scratch under the surface and there may be a fabulous adventure waiting to be discovered.

Here's to a great Easter Break. See you back on Wednesday morning at 8.55 am sharp ready to roll.