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29 September 2017

posted 28 Sep 2017, 14:15 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 28 Sep 2017, 14:17 ]
Welcome to the holiday break! 

I'm sure when we come back we will have an energetic spring in our step as we look forward to so much during the final 'summer term' (with healthy doses of optimism and hope!) Thinking summery thoughts, please remember check out our Sun Protection Policy and ensure your child/ren has the best chance of keeping safe in the sun.

Our children, teachers and parents have been out and about making connections all over the place - whether it's for learning, fundraising or simply building relationships. In terms of learning - venturing outside of the classroom walls and school perimeter is expected, both in terms of the New Zealand Curriculum and also our local place based curriculum. When we look at our Year 6 leavers' profile of a "connected, curious and confident thinker", this idea of 'venturing out' is essential. 

These days we also have the support of technology to connect to the world and when you dip in and out of the very lively Blogs, this is evident and opens up so many opportunities, but our children also need human, real, face to face interaction and connection to build so many skills for their future. Sitting alone in front of a screen with headphones on and a bowl of chips won't cut it. 

As was mentioned in Board Shorts last week, we had a motivating Board and Staff Strategic Planning session a couple of weeks ago and will be doing more sharing soon. A number of teachers gave short presentations as part of this. John provided a thought provoking piece about "What should/could Schooling, Teaching and most importantly Learning look like in the rapidly changing world? Rethinking what is taught, how it is taught, and how learning is assessed". There were many links to the purpose of schooling, the work of great thinkers in this field and it really helped us think big picture and well ahead. As John mentioned, these are really exciting times to be an educator - we have never known so much! Whether it's about the nature of learning, plasticity of the brain, emotions... it can be difficult to keep up and make sure we are current, without jumping on the next bandwagon or catching onto a fad, as there are plenty!

As part of the presentation, John outlined the 7 Principles of Learning by the wonderful Sir Ken Robinson. These capture a lot of what we are talking about daily in a few simple bullet points:

We look forward to continuing to give our children a great array of learning opportunities next term and also know we can't do it without our parent community. Let's keep working in partnership to keep moving the school forward with energy and passion and knowing that we will be doing our best for our children starting in Autahi to leave for Intermediate with so many tools in the toolkit, ready to embrace a different wider world to the one we, 'the adults', entered into. 

See you with your sunhats in Term 4.