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3 March 2017

posted 2 Mar 2017, 16:28 by Carolyn Brett
I love the New Zealand Curriculum! 
I especially love our own Worser Bay Curriculum!

All state schools follow the National NZ Curriculum but develop their own local curriculum that fits with the desires of the community, needs of the children and 'place'.

The stunning Powhiri last Friday was a great example of our curriculum in action on so many levels. 'We are powerful!'

I came across an article in the Guardian recently which resonated and reinforced how fortunate we are to have the opportunity in New Zealand to provide rich learning experiences for our children.......

"...it’s not a matter of high-tech or low-tech; the point is that the world a child enters is rich and diverse enough to ignite their curiosity, and allow them to discover a way of learning that best reflects their character and skills."

To read the whole article, and I encourage you to, please see below:

"In an age of robots, schools are teaching our children to be redundant." By George Monbiot

It's not always easy in this climate. You may have seen the article on schools' funding this week:


As a community we need to model all of those skills we are wanting to develop in the children. We, too, must be confident, curious, creative thinkers when it comes to how we manage ever decreasing government funding and do the best by the children who are here now. We also know that "It's what teachers do minute by minute that has the biggest impact on achievement ....." 

Teachers need the professional learning opportunities and adequate resourcing to ensure those minutes are quality!

Our fundraising calendar will be online soon once a few more energetic and keen to contribute parents are assigned! If you would love to be more involved and aren't sure how, please contact your ParentNet Rep.