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Friday 7th August 2015

posted 6 Aug 2015, 20:22 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 6 Aug 2015, 20:22 ]
Recently I came across an article, 'Your Phone vs Your Heart' by Barbara L Frederickson and it certainly rang little alarm bells from me. I thought it may resonate with many of you too…..

In summary, the research focussed on learning skills for cultivating warmer interpersonal connections in daily life. Basically, the more attuned to others you become, the healthier you become.  Neuroscience is a fascinating area. The final paragraph in the article poses a challenge:

"So, the next time you see a friend, or child, spending too much of their day facing a screen, extend a hand and invite them back into the world of real social encounters. You'll not only build up their health and empathic skills, but yours as well. Friends don't let their friends lose their capacity for humanity."

To read the full article (it's short!):

For those who braved the crazy weather on Tuesday night to come to the Future Focussed Education session with Mark Osborne, thank you, and your child/ren would thank you (if they realised!).  Yes, technology was big in the conversation and as Mark reiterated it can be dangerous as well as potentially save us. It's all about the way we use technology. Mark discussed the soft skills, the interpersonal, creativity, originality and the ability to solve challenging problems that will provide our children with 'the edge'.  So, what does that look like for our school? What does that look like at home? That's where we need to put our heads together!

Yes, we need to learn from the past BUT in the words of John F Kennedy:

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."

Hope to see you at Tuesday's workshop about developing the concept for the new build.  Last Tuesday set the scene for us beautifully.