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8 December 2017

posted 7 Dec 2017, 17:44 by Carolyn Brett
Welcome to the final Newsletter of 2017..... next week expect a shorter version - more of a list of 2018 dates to diary and any final 'wrapping it up in a big bow'.

On Monday night the Board and staff got together to celebrate the year and, more specifically, the achievements of our children over the year. 

We certainly kept 'the whole child' in mind and also paid heed to achievement against the National Standards. Even though we aren't sure what will be happening with National Standards in the future, there have been pluses since their introduction - in terms of the rich conversations we have about learners, about progressions and about expectations.

Here is what out children think:

As this states - What you focus on flourishes and this is very clear......... all of the areas mentioned by our children have been central to the programme this year. This reminds me of the quote "It's what teachers do moment by moment that makes a difference" and a difference they have!

When I got home from the Board meeting on Monday, my ever patient 'other' was waiting with a cup of tea at the ready. He said "You always say, it's the best year yet!" I pondered this for a while and agreed, yes, I do always say it, and it's true. Each year does get better and better - and it must, for there is no option!

We can't get better and better, however, without our children, our Board and our community being central and us all learning and making sense of this thing called education together.

I'm looking forward to catching up with some of you at the Year 6 Parent Drinks on Tuesday at 6pm and then many more of you, hopefully as many as possible, at 'The Wrap' on Thursday at 5.30pm where we celebrate 'the best year yet' together.