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8 September 2017

posted 7 Sep 2017, 18:42 by Carolyn Brett
Our Year 6 Leavers' Profile:

Our Year Six students leave Worser Bay School connected, curious and confident thinkers.

When our children arrive in Autahi, they have come from a range of Early Childhood experiences. Over the next 6 years we will work with you to give them a vast array of opportunities to support them to leave in Year 6 as connected, curious and confident thinkers.

Over the years, some of us who have been in this profession for a long time come across adults who we have taught who are doing some incredible things. Sometimes we may not have recognised this potential when they were at primary school, sometimes we are surprised, always we are proud.

Something I have been working with the teachers on is 'to think like scientists' - observe, listen, gather information carefully, search for the 'seed of greatness' in every individual. Then we must nurture that seed to enable growth.

I come back to metaphor of the sailing boat again and again - from Robert Biswas-Diener's work.

Visualise a small sailing bobbing around in Worser Bay.
This boat has a small hole in it - if we don't 'plug the hole', it is likely to sink.
However - it has a terrific sail billowing in the breeze.
The strengths are in this sail and provide the direction.

We have to pay attention to both.

(If you are interested in finding out more about Robert's work - plenty of his TED TALKS are here.)

Student Led Conferences are coming up for most children soon. Let's all observe and listen 'like scientists' as they discuss their achievements. Let's search for the 'seeds of greatness' so that we optimise the opportunity to leave at the end of Year 6 a connected, curious and confident thinker.