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Friday 15th May

posted 15 May 2015, 19:44 by Nicola Stevenson   [ updated 21 Jul 2015, 19:36 by Carolyn Brett ]
On Tuesday night about 65 of you, plus the teaching team, turned up to partake in the joy of Murray Gadd discussing child writing development. For those of you who were there, you would have seen the obvious passion and joy Murray has for writing. Having the children sharing their writing brought it to life, Murray sharing little anecdotes, giving practical advice, reminding us that writing is rocket science for children and we need to remember all of that certainly went a long way to alleviating some pressure for parents. He used the word relax often, enjoy even more so! There was plenty of head nodding when Murray talked about how often children see parents reading but really how often is it that parents talk about their writing in the workplace or write in front of them at home. I also thought about what they see me do at work - read, yes....... write - well, only on Principal Awards! He makes it clear, he makes it simple and that's why he is such a gem! 

Janet Colson, one of our Board Members, summed the session up beautifully and, very importantly, thanked you, our parent community, for all of your huge efforts in raising the funds to allow us to employ someone with the depth of experience and expertise as Murray has. Having Murray working so closely, providing this intensive professional development with teachers and also allowing the opportunity for this parent session just wouldn't be possible without the hard slog from you behind the scenes. Many schools just can't do this. Our teachers and, therefore, our children, all of us are fortunate. 

I know many of you really wanted to be there and couldn't make it. Don't worry, we will have a link to the presentation on the website soon. Thanks, also, to our committed teaching team for being at #168 for well over 12 hours on Tuesday. Then, of course, it doesn't stop there. Coming up very soon is the action on the Inquiry - the Art Exhibition for 3 whole evenings....... Matariki celebrations (a massive day!) ...... then another fabulous opportunity to learn more about 'education today and the necessity for change' on Tuesday, 4 August from our second guest speaker for the year, Mark Osborne. (See last week's newsletter for more info on all of this.)