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Friday 16 October 2015

posted 22 Oct 2015, 18:24 by Stephanie Williams
I hope you have all had a fabulous break, energy is renewed and the dreaded lurgy has long left our fair WB shore!

My parents, being well into decluttering mode, handed me a pile of all of my school reports in the holidays ... oh ... did I laugh!  The comments were wide-ranging:  "A quiet, serious girl."; "Chatters a bit much."; "Leadership potential." ... on it went. 
The words: 'pleasant girl' were well overused. I'm not sure what was meant by 'pleasant', personally. I was wondering if they couldn't think of much else to say!  The comment that really got me was: "Seems to be accepted by others."  Oh!  Read between the lines there!

It was obviously some time ago, but reading through these did make me pause and reflect on how these days teachers are expected to work hard to really know the learner ... from all angles, learn with and from them and alongside parents. It's certainly not just a couple of comments in a report once a year. So, as well as finding the whole exercise amusing, I thought about our teachers currently writing reports, the extensive discussion, the moderation of OTJs, the deep thought and care that is taken. Although the world of education is certainly a political hot potato right now, it's incredibly satisfying knowing that we belong to the 'village' who can inspire, shape and support our young people ... I consider it a privilege.

Here's to a great Term 4. Make sure the diaries have entries now, it's going to be a full one!