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Friday 22nd May 2015

posted 15 May 2015, 19:55 by Nicola Stevenson   [ updated 21 Jul 2015, 19:37 by Carolyn Brett ]
You have a choice of 3 evenings! 
You may even come more than once, you may even want to brings friends and whanau!

Next week's Art Exhibition is a culmination of a large inquiry "What's in Our Backyard?"

You would've heard a great deal about this Inquiry already! Our great full of info blogs, the newsletter, assemblies, Parent Workshops… visits out and about… it's full immersion!

This Art Exhibition is the action part of the cycle. It's the part when the children are supported to reflect on all they have learned across the curriculum about 'What's in Our Backyard' and now they express their thoughts and contribute to our own school backyard, using the medium of Art. 

Some dos and don'ts......

Don't expect to come along and see a pretty picture, planned by the teacher, on the wall - oh no! 

Do expect to be surprised by the quality of thought and do expect to be excited by the originality, the creativity and the collaboration demonstrated in this child-planned exhibition of action.

We aim to integrate the curriculum as much as possible so that meaningful connections can be made. Obviously in this Inquiry, Visual Art, Science, Technology English, Maths have taken centre stage.... next Inquiry the Social Sciences, along with English and  Maths, will be more at the core. This is how we get 'coverage' while not losing the links.

In fact, many Secondary Schools are now attempting to blur the lines between the discrete subjects, as much as they can, so that more meaning can be made. The 55 mins of Science and then 55 mins of English and then followed by 55 mins of Social Studies are not seen as connected. These schools are looking more to the primary model… but it's not a simple change by any means.

So, thanks so much in advance for helping out leading up to the exhibition, thanks for taking the time to get excited alongside your child/ren, and thanks for being part of their learning. As a few parents said to me just last week… "I want to come to school and start over again!"  Me too!