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What do I do if I have concerns about my child?

The first step is talking to your child’s base group teacher. You may find time for an informal catch up or better still make a time for a later date. Teachers are very busy preparing for the day in the mornings so if it's more than a couple of minutes, an appointment is best. You can do this either by approaching the base group teacher directly or by sending them an email. Expect a response within 2 working days from a teacher, if urgent please contact the school office. 

Deeper or ongoing concerns may require follow-up appointments with the base group teacher to allow for thinking and planning time for both staff and parents. 
It may also be appropriate for others in the teaching team to be present, as they may see a lot of your child's learning and engagement during the day. 

Teachers keep the Team Leader  informed of discussions, action plans and outcomes. 
If the concerns are not resolved or if they continue, the Team Leader  will meet with you for further discussion, including your child’s teacher/s if required.

If I have concerns about wider school activities/ day-to-day operations who do I talk to? 

Please call or email the school office and make an appointment to discuss your concerns with the Principal. 

You will be asked to provide some detail to the Office Manager so that any necessary background information can be gathered.