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School Emergency Procedures

The school has a clearly defined Emergency Management Plan - the summary is below

We encourage parents to ensure their emergency contacts are regularly updated and at least 5 people who live locally are also nominated. In the event that there is an emergency the school will keep the children here for a period of 24 hours. In this time we would anticipate that either parents/caregivers or nominated contact people will be able to collect the children. After a period of 24 hours the school will send child/ren home with a school community member. All children will be carefully recorded by the teacher/ person supervising on pick up. 

In the event of an emergency or natural disaster occurring during school hours, what the the school does: 

The school ...

  • displays Emergency Management Guidelines in all classrooms 

  • regularly reviews procedures related to emergencies and updates as appropriate 

  • carries out regular drills based on these Evacuation Guidelines 

  • has staff who have a current First-Aid certificate 

  • maintains careful records of children being picked up, and by whom 

  • sends out WBS parent group emails and/or text messages and also updates the front page of the school website with up to date information 

  • liaises with appropriate emergency services and Civil Defence 

  • signage in an obvious place in the highly unlikely event that we have needed to evacuate somewhere else 
  • keeps the students as calm as possible 

  • is situated in a very safe location.
    For this reason, parents/caregivers do not need to 
    risk their own safety by rushing to the school to collect their child/ren. 

  • keeps a small amount of food and water supplies on site 

  • encourages families to register free for Wellington Emergency Management Office WEMO txt alerts” at:

For further Helpful Information for Families: