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17 August 2018

posted 16 Aug 2018, 20:20 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 16 Aug 2018, 20:20 by Stephanie Williams ]
What's the big deal about having a positive school culture?

Researchers who have studied culture have demonstrated a significant  correlation between an organisation's culture and performance. 

Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell, from Harvard Graduate School of Education has looked closely at culture and discusses the notion that culture is connections, a strong or weak, negative or positive culture is dependent on the interactions between all the members of the organisation. Culture is core beliefs and behaviours and what exactly people believe and how they act depends on the messages - indirect and direct that everyone in the organisation, that's all of us, send!

We have a big responsibility!! I often have prospective parents in my office and when I ask them what they know about WBS the response is more often than not around this notion of  a strong positive culture. We can never be complacent!

When I reflect on the role of our ParentNet reps and the Rising 5s programme, I can see how important this combination is to welcoming all new whānau and a great example of culture-connections, beliefs and behaviours in action. 

On a smaller person level, all starters will also be placed into a whānau group and linked to big buddies to provide that extra support until they feel 'part of the furniture'. We are not only kaitiaki of the environment but also of each other.

"Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress. Working together is success." - Henry Ford