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18 June 2021

posted 17 Jun 2021, 16:12 by Carolyn Brett
My partner came home a couple of weeks ago and said, "I was listening to an interview on the radio about education and it was about educating the whole child which has big benefits."

"Yes, I know that." (A typical end of the day, not totally pleasant response when I reflect!) But, all the same, I looked it up. "Holistic Education is good for everyone." This interview was about new research that has come out of the University of Canterbury. Sadly, compared to other countries our children don't seem to be doing so well on social and emotional learning, especially our Māori and Pasifika youth. In fact, Aotearoa came in 35 out of 41 countries (based on a UNESCO study).

In 2019, the "Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy" was launched by the Government. The University of Canterbury is developing recommendations for schools in order to help teachers understand the components of socio-emotional learning and how they may adapt what they currently do. I'm keen to see it.

As you will know, this is an area very dear to our hearts here and whole person wellbeing for the whole community is the quest! It's complex, it's mucky and this learning certainly doesn't move along a smooth, straight road. We have been learning, living, teaching and embedding wellbeing as the foundation of life at Worser Bay School since 2016. In your Progress Meetings recently, you will have seen strengths used, child voice, a focus on what they can do first and what skills they have to improve the areas that aren't there.... yet. You may have seen Character Strengths, Goal Setting, Relationships or Grit referenced. You may have had a conversation about self-talk, self-regulation, about positive emotion...... Somewhere in the reporting process, the elements of our wellbeing 'Flourish' model would have been referred to... "I know that!"

On Thursday 5 August, we will be holding a Parent Workshop 7.00pm - 8.30pm exploring aspects of whole person wellbeing/positive education and how these elements are transferred into the classroom. So, come along and work with us to make some further moves with community wellbeing!