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26 March 2021

posted 25 Mar 2021, 16:46 by Carolyn Brett
Our Leavers' Profile articulates that 'Year 6 Leavers will be confident, connected, curious thinkers'. I've been pondering a bit lately about this and, actually, "Who is a 'Worser Bay kid'?"

I think this thought first emerged when I overheard a conversation that some of our children had about the Te Aro School kids who were invited to have a Beach Day with them. They referred to them as 'the city kids'.... which I was really amused with. I wondered what they see themselves as? Beach kids? Hill dwellers?...... I wouldn't have a clue!

I'm not expecting any of the children to answer that question using the words from the Leavers' Profile but it has certainly sparked a desire for me to explore it further.

Personal identity, group identity, WBS community identity, a sense of place and space - as adults, staff, parents and children enter, and one day leave, they all bring something with them, so it's important, I guess, that we recognise our community identity may be shaped and reshaped many, many, many times. Especially when we think the school has been here since 1897! 

So, here is to something brand new, different and indeed a change, a first for us...... the Whanau Festival!

I commend the courage and commitment our children, staff and parents have shown in taking a new idea and running with it.

What the weather gods do on Sunday is beyond us (I think!) but as long as everyone has a good time, has the positive 'do good, feel good' goal in mind, it has to be a great experience.