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3 July 2020

posted 2 Jul 2020, 20:24 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 2 Jul 2020, 20:24 by Stephanie Williams ]
Here we go - the end of the term already and it's been full of new learning, challenge, discovery and some pretty sound shifts in achievement for many. YAY!
Plenty has been happening within the confines of the walls of our celestial heavens of Autahi, Tautoru, Matariki and Māhutonga. Sports is heating up again, the fundraising calendar is being re-energised and the building work is m-o-v-i-n-g.... after the lockdown hiatus!
Building update:
This has meant that we are a couple of months behind schedule - now with a completion date of early March 2021. Nothing happened for so long (about 5 years!), there were numerous bureaucratic complexities to navigate and then the window opened into a much brighter future full of opportunity.
It's very complicated. Different projects attract different types of funding. Some cannot be used for classrooms, some can, some can be used to speed things up and some is provided as part of ongoing 10 year funding. Basically, we have different labelled pots of which to dip into within strict guidelines.
Here's the update in a nutshell:
A new weathertight Autahi - inside and out, with all new vinyl, carpet, wall coverings, windows, doors, cladding, etc, is scheduled to be completed in September (although will need to continue to be the home of the temporary staffroom a while longer.)

The top grass has been levelled and drainage rectified. We also have a wide concrete area that will be so useful for play/learning.

The new Admin block, also home to a meeting room and staff 'sanctuary space', has had its foundations poured! New drainage has been completed down the driveway to bottom court.

Eventually, the current Admin block will be the home to a new Library/Research/Creative Centre which will have easy access to the staffroom/all purpose area for events and the like. The current staffroom will be slightly enlarged so that it can cater for more curriculum activities such as Music and Dance workshops. (Let's face it - it's not really a staffroom!)

Matariki and Māhutonga are re-clad and reroofed. Underneath all of this, there is cabling, wiring, plumbing, strengthening and all that 'stuff' that costs a lot and you can't really see. 
An outdoor classroom is planned for a section of bottom grass. This will be a simple structure with clear tent-like sides that can be up or locked down. The rubber matting floor will mean ease of play...... this 'classroom' will be great for all sorts of learning and the hope is to have it as an area for performances, community events, increased shelter, breakout groups, quiet space, fundraising.... the opportunities abound!
We also have our 10 Year Property Plan funding drop. This is basically split in half so we focus on 5 years at a time. In this, we have flagged a junior toilets upgrade as the priority as well as changing the lighting throughout the school to LEDs. With all of this, there are certain parameters and priority areas for the Government we need to work within. 
Lots to think about and keep us out of mischief - isn't there!
I hope you have plenty of good whānau fun these holidays. It's been an unusual term! 
Looking forward to the second half - see you there!