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5 July 2019

posted 4 Jul 2019, 15:34 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 4 Jul 2019, 15:34 by Stephanie Williams ]
Welcome to the final Newsletter of Term 2. That makes us half way through the year! With so much started, completed, accomplished and plans a-plenty for a fab second half!

We hope that the recent parent/teacher conversations and the interim written communications have given you a good sense of what the first 2 terms of the year have been like for your child. Times have certainly changed…. I remember my parents rocking up in the Holden Kingswood (2 tone, blue) to a mysterious ‘interview’ with the teacher once a year and a ‘report’ being sent home at the end of the year and, if we had a teacher with more of the Character Strength of Kindness dialled up, well, we got to read it before we took it home in our bags. I’m not sure if that was always helpful!

At our school, we have the full smorgasbord available. Goal Setting Meetings (2 formal face-to-face with 2 formal written reports), Student Led Conferences, Seesaw, great Blogs, weekly Newsletters, Parent Workshops, Assemblies, community events, class emails, children sharing their day, whānau days…… et al. 

Yes, it’s all time and a big ask, BUT proactivity is key on both sides of the triangle - parents and teachers (with children being the third side!). If you have connected in all the ways above and still find yourself half way through 2019 not quite sure of what’s what or where and how, then please make an appointment with your child’s base group teacher…... it should not be a mystery to anyone!

We ended Term 1 / started Term 2 by hosting teacher Professional Learning Days for our people and others from a range of schools in the holidays pre-Easter. Then we started back and the upwards trajectory began…... we said we would pace… but, as I am not physically present right at this moment to see if that is the case, I am writing with hope at my fingertips, people!

I came across this the other day: 
“Teaching is the subtle art of shaping young minds without losing your own.” 

Staff: take note - rest up and go easy these holidays!

To you all, have a wonderful break and I am so looking forward to seeing you again in Term 3.