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5 March 2021

posted 4 Mar 2021, 18:12 by Carolyn Brett
Well when we think we know something.... we may not. 

It's an age of uncertainty alright and we just need to keep moving on through and making the best of all the 'good stuff'. As adults, we are very good at imagining what children may be thinking or building up our own story of what their hopes, dreams or fears may be. Often, for example, when they are appearing grumpy, it's possibly not something deep or profound but they may simply not be enjoying their new style of lunchbox that much. Of course, sometimes it is more and so we have to keep an open mind and take the time to explore further.

It's interesting though... I came across a piece of research that had been recently undertaken in Australia with over 1200 primary aged children about their experiences over 2020. As an adult, even in a country that has so far still fared relatively well, we may be thinking of words such as 'completely weird', 'unbelievable' or, unfortunately for some, 'jobless'. The three most dominant words these 1200+ children used for 2020 were 'fun', 'good' and 'happy'. It seemed that in the main they just got on with being kids whilst many parents surveyed were worried about too much screen time and a loss of real connection. (I do think this picture could be different in a country like the UK where many schools have been 'closed' for a year.)

However, it's always good to remember that children have their own strengths and maybe, just maybe...., they are more resilient than they, generationally, get credit for. We are so good at passing on 'our stuff' or what happened or didn't happen when we were a child onto them - in subtle and not so subtle ways. 

This week, our seniors were at Camp, now if that's not a rite of passage, an opportunity to push a few limits and, no doubt, sneak a few lollies in for a 'midnight feast', what is. We also know that the experience won't come easy for all of our children but as long as we can recognise the steps towards growing up, however big or small, and support them to take the next ones.... and hoping that one day it will be a 'fun, good and happy' time for them, that's a big plus. 

So, to our teachers, parent support people and campers... do you deserve some shut eye or what this weekend!  Rest up....... and thankyou, thankyou ,thankyou for you have enabled an opportunity for growth to occur and aren't we lucky that we still could!