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6 April 2018

posted 5 Apr 2018, 19:32 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 5 Apr 2018, 19:32 by Stephanie Williams ]
In 2017, our children came to school from 27 different early childhood learning centres or home care arrangements. That's some number when we think about the range of experiences our children arrive with. Some have been in more free play environments, others very structured, others with experiences facilitated by parents, in home nannies, a little bit of everything....... the combinations are endless. 

Resourcing the Rising 5s, the Transition to School programme has been strongly supported by the Board and gone from strength to strength over many years. When we add up and see the number 27, it reinforces the need for this programme more than ever. The opportunity for parents to get to know more about the learning priorities and expectations of our school is promoted by holding 'Parent Connection Points' at Rising 5s as well, a chance for some Q and A without the children, a rare moment!

Autahi, our New Entrant space, is on a slightly different reporting cycle than the rest of the school. You will get plenty of information from the teachers about this. Gillian Cowie will be joined by a second teacher, Carl Pynenburg, from Term 2. Carl has already been working extensively across the school and will be a familiar face to many already. Nau mai, Haere mai, Carl!

For parents in Tautoru and Māhutonga/Matariki, you can expect Progress Meetings next term around Week 7. Look out for exact timings in the Newsletter as you will need to book online. These written and verbal reporting sessions with your child's base group teacher are without the children. Behind the scenes there will have been a hive of activity as sometimes a number of different teachers are involved in the writing of one report, so plenty of rich chat happens along the way. This is the beauty of an environment like ours - teachers will see and hear things differently. Working collaboratively they form a 'whole' view and test each other's thinking. 

The first part of the written report, the top box, holds the gold. This is where teachers will be specifically discussing the learner attributes, character strengths and competencies. This is where you should be able to feel more of the 'essence' of your child. Progress against the curriculum expectations in Reading, Writing and Maths to date will also be shared. 

A huge thanks to our camp teachers and parents. A very smooth operation and a great opportunity for children to give things a go and overcome challenges. The outdoors certainly is a terrific context for building resilience and pushing through...... It's not a new message, but you may be interested in this recent article about Early Childhood Educators and Researchers discussing this.