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7 August 2020

posted 6 Aug 2020, 17:45 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 6 Aug 2020, 17:45 by Stephanie Williams ]
I've written a number of times about our desire to get our children connected with nature, getting their hands dirty, growing understanding about garden to table, noticing, tending, caring, walking in the bush, listening to the sounds, learning about habitats, erosion....... the elements! I could just keep going!

This very important focus for us and for our world sits firmly within our Strategic Plan.

The synergy between Sustainability and Positive Education is strong. The link between nature and mental wellbeing, the link between doing good and feeling good. Who could think that by heading off to Centennial Reserve this week could tick so many curriculum boxes right across the school. Of course, it's not a one-off and this is ongoing pieces of work AND it's nice to stop and be reminded of what we are aiming to ultimately achieve! 

Additionally, Cultural Responsiveness/Te Ao Māori and Inquiry are Strategic Goal highlights. I had feedback from quite a few parents post Lockdown commenting on how carefully curated the activities appeared to have been over this time to align with the Strategic Goals. They were right.......... the teachers had been very deliberate in their choice!

The NZ Curriculum is a curriculum full of opportunity. Within this curriculum sits our local curriculum.

You may be familiar with the children's book "Are we there yet?" by Alison Lester. It's about a family's travels around Australia. It sometimes feels like that in education. The thing is there is no 'there'. The 'there' keeps moving... so, no, we aren't there yet but... what have we learned?... the children learned?... how have we grown?... and how have they grown?... and what next?

On that note, here's to continuing to enjoy some nature and turning the screens off (at least severely limiting!) this weekend.