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7 June 2019

posted 6 Jun 2019, 20:13 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 6 Jun 2019, 20:13 by Stephanie Williams ]
When I started out in this career 30 something years ago, I had very limited knowledge about how a brain works and what supports learning from a neuroscience perspective. Oh, such simple times! But now, thanks to advances in Science and Technology and Research a plenty, we can understand more and aim to create environments and connections to optimise learning for ourselves as the bigger learners and our tamariki - the reason schools exist!

“We are what we repeatedly do” said Aristotle. The mind-body connection knowledge isn’t new. Ancient wisdom was all over this stuff! I have become increasingly interested in emotion, language and the brain in recent times and am undertaking more learning in this area at the moment. About 6 years ago, I studied Positive Psychology for a couple of years, this then presented as Positive Education at school. I know we talk about it a lot to all who will listen, it's because it has really made such a terrific impact on our culture - for staff and children alike. When I asked the Board to comment on what they are most proud of/found the most interesting during their term - good ol’ “Pos Ed” was once again highlighted. Although a born optimist, I don’t wear rose tinted glasses in any way, shape or form, so I also know this work is ongoing and nowhere near finished. I’m also really pleased that some other schools in Wellington are now discovering the benefits, so it’s not just WBS children who are advantaged.

If emotions influence our thinking more than thinking influences our emotions, we can have a big influence on children’s success. We have to try and figure out how they ‘tick’ and put supports in place for them to fall over, muck up, get it wrong…. and then pick themselves up and give it another go. (I want the same for our staff too.) Life is one big learning opportunity! We will be having our next Parent Workshop on Wellbeing/Positive Education in Term 3, on Wednesday 18 September, so please come along and get involved. 6 years ago my project was entitled “Encouraging a Community to Flourish”, community meaning all of us - children, whānau, staff and beyond…... I’m still sticking to my goal!