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8 March 2019

posted 7 Mar 2019, 13:30 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 7 Mar 2019, 13:30 by Stephanie Williams ]
It's quite full on around here - but then isn't that just the nature of the dynamic and fascinating place commonly known as school! 

There was our fantastic annual Powhiri leading onto Camp Kaitoke, then back from Camp (fresh as daisies - ha!) and now full steam ahead as we move on into our round of Goal Setting Meetings.

We use the word 'kaizen' often when we discuss goals. Kaizen is a word used in many different work and learning environments when we discuss the way forward. This notion of continuous improvement via small incremental changes is a Japanese concept essentially meaning change for the better. 

It's useful to head into Goal Setting Meetings with your child with this in mind so we can support them to select goals that will be achievable, but also let's aim for a bit of excitement and satisfaction too. A goal that will be achieved an hour later doesn't provide the stretch factor and a goal that may be achieved in 10 years is hard for a child to comprehend. 

What about a strengths focussed goal too? We all have things that we are naturally better at - that doesn't mean to say we shouldn't have an opportunity to get even better in this area - for this is the skill that may 'get us over the line' one day. 

The late Rick Snyder delved into the area of HOPE. His book The Psychology of Hope explored two aspects concerning people’s ability to shape their futures. This focused on Will Power - the person’s will to shape their futureAND Way Power - the person’s ability to see ways to shape their future.

This explains why a person facing a particular challenge may feel confused. They may have a strong will to move forward, but may not see a way to find a solution.

The old saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” could be turned around and become “Where there’s a way, there’s a will”. If we say a way forward, it's more likely to happen. 

Let's help our children find the way and the will when it comes to their social, emotional, academic and physical learning and maintain HOPE. Additionally, let's also try something new - as Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher of the late 6th century BC, of Ephesus said "You cannot step into the same river, for fresh waters are flowing in upon you".