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8 November 2019

posted 7 Nov 2019, 18:33 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 7 Nov 2019, 18:33 by Stephanie Williams ]
"Stomping ground, turf, neck of the woods, hamlet, colony, commonality......." are some of the synonyms associated with the word community via the good ol' thesaurus. It's the minute by minute interactions that can allow a community to thrive or merely survive. Sometimes, it's the small things and not necessarily the grand gestures that can make all the difference.
As a child, I was very taken by the insect world and, whenever I could, I managed to swing a project in there about the ant colony or the life of bees or something similar. In some of these worlds, kindness is not always shown and some lower down the 'hierarchy' seem to get a bit of a bad deal! In terms of our school philosophy, we have tried very hard not to have too much of a hierarchical model - used in moderation and when necessary! Similarly, when we work with our children - yes, we have Student Council leaders, big buddies and our seniors are expected to take responsibilities on board and contribute to the life of the school in ways our younger students may not be expected to....... yet! AND there is not an age they get to where it's "Happy Birthday - you can now be a leader"! We try and develop these opportunities from Rising 5s onwards.......
Next Sunday at the FAIR, we have the opportunity to witness all of us who call this our 'stomping ground.....' come together and display what being part of a vibrant community is all about. This is where all of us parents, staff and children 'dig in', engage those Character Strengths and go for it!
As a big thanks to everyone for helping out in all sorts of ways in 2019 - the FAIR, sizzling sossies, sports teams, Parent Net, pizzas, plant sales, discos, trips, classrooms, gardens, orchestra, ukes.... and many other incidentals along the way - the Board of Trustees would love to see you at the ANNUAL THANK YOU TO THE WBS WHANAU! This is the Friday following the FAIR and I know many of you including the FAIR TEAM will be keen for an unwind and a get together.
  • Chocolate Fish in Shelly Bay - Friday 15 November, 5pm - 6.30pm.
Speaking of the expectations on our children contributing, please remember to come along to the Year 6 Assemblies where the tamariki  will be sharing their memoirs in their 'Year 6 Speech' in groups of 10 on the following dates:
  • Friday 22 November
  • Friday 29 November
  • Friday 6 December
The Metservice says rain for Sunday. We say....... whatever it is, let's give it our best shot and join in the merriment.