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3 May 2019

posted 2 May 2019, 20:17 by Carolyn Brett   [ updated 2 May 2019, 20:18 by Stephanie Williams ]
Welcome to the first Newsletter of Term 2, 2019.
Board of Trustees elections are coming up fast. Some of you will be very familiar with the role of the Board in NZ schools, others won’t be at all and many will fall in the inbetween. We are really keen to gather momentum as we head towards election date 7 June. That's only 5 weeks away. Nominations close 24 May - now that's only 3 weeks away!
So firstly, what is the role of the WBS Board?
"The Worser Bay School Board of Trustees (The Board) is entrusted to work on behalf of the community and government and is accountable for the school’s performance. It emphasises strategic leadership, sets the vision for the School and ensures that it complies with legal and policy requirements."
To find out more detail, a good place to look is the New Zealand School Trustees Association website.
We rely heavily on our parent community. Not a day goes by when there isn't parent help in the classroom, on trips, coaching/managing sports/orchestra/fundraising meetings and organisation, food preparation, Parent Net rallying troops and on and on it goes. A lot of these roles we understand the parameters, they seem fairly black and white. The Board always feels like more of a mystery, but it really isn't! A trustee is a role where you can contribute in a different way and, in doing so, deepen your understanding of education as a whole.
I would love to talk with you more about what it's like to be a Board trustee if you are thinking about putting yourself forward or I can put you in touch with another board member if you have a particular interest in an area they take leadership in. The best thing to do is contact Steph Williams ASAP and we can go from there.