Our Strengths

As well as providing a programme that encourages curious minds and the what’s seen as more ‘academic’ learning, schools are also social institutions and therefore need to contribute to developing a culture of wellbeing towards self and others.

Social and emotional learning is inextricably linked to academic learning outcomes. It’s this holistic approach that we value the most - where supporting the building of a student’s character is just as important as the academic. It’s not a case of either/or.

Simply put, Positive Education is the science of wellbeing combined with the best practices in learning and teaching.

Our Positive Education Model ('Flourish' image) utilises a strengths based approach, and covers a number of different domains of wellbeing. (from Geelong Grammar School)

You will learn more about Positive Education in our Newsletters, on our Blogs, on your child’s Seesaw digital journal, in Goal Setting meetings, in Progress and Achievement meetings, Student Led Conferences, Positive Education Whānau Days and in our fortnightly Assemblies.

You can find our child developed Character Strengths here:

It’s exciting to be well on the way towards our ultimate goal of having this wellbeing culture embedded deep within the fabric of our school, observing our children feeling good and doing good and encouraging the entire community to be part of our work in this expanding and vital learning and practice.

Since 2016 we have been on our way to embedding the principles of Positive Education within our Worser Bay School Curriculum.

In 2019 we enhanced our Positive Education Strategy.