Valuing the Whole Child

We place emphasis on Hauora as well as what is viewed as more ‘academic’ learning. Hauora is a Māori philosophy of well-being that includes the dimensions of:

    • Taha Tinana (physical wellbeing)

    • Taha Wairua (spiritual wellbeing)

    • Taha Whānau (social/family wellbeing)

    • Taha Hinengaro (mental and emotional wellbeing)

We value all as individuals and expect them to achieve success in many different ways.

Encouraging Knowledge Building and Inquiry

We have an integrated curriculum, which connects all learning areas and key competencies. Each year we focus on one big concept and three in depth cycles of Inquiry.

We emphasise both creative and critical thinking. This weaves through all that we do.

Assessment is both informal and formal. The main purpose is to hook teachers, parents and, very importantly, the children themselves, into what the next step in learning is.

Digital Technologies are integrated seamlessly into learning. These tools provide opportunities for students to make connections readily and with increasing independence.

Embracing Collaborative Learning

We team teach. This means that a team of teachers have collective responsibility for a child’s learning and wellbeing. A ‘Base Group’ teacher is the main link with parents. They meet with parents at least three times a year to discuss progress and achievement.

Two of these meetings are ‘Data Meetings’. Teachers and parents meet to discuss progress in Reading, Writing and Maths against the National Standards. At the Student Led Conference, the child leads the conversation and shows examples of their learning across the curriculum, sharing what they are most proud of.

The home/school relationship is a very important feature in how we facilitate children’s development. There are many opportunities for parents to learn alongside their child, come along to Parent Workshops, and deepen understanding of the rich learning opportunities that are provided. We encourage parents to get involved in planning, to share expertise and to support inside and outside the learning spaces too.

We also collaborate across age levels. Our New Entrants and Year 1s are based in Autahi, Years 2-3 in Tautoru and Years 4-6 in Māhutonga Matariki.

A few times a year, children also learn in Whānau Groups (Years 1-6). This is an opportunity for children to get to know each other and work together right across the school.

Teachers are involved in their own Inquiry, see themselves as learners and build programmes and develop practice together. They consistently model the collaboration required of teams of people in a learning organisation.